Cpu fan not working

(Hey, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped me from my previous threads, my i7 system is working.)

Anyways, my problem is my fiance I helped her a little make a desktop. Everything powers on except the cpu fan. All the other fans work, everything works. I noticed that I never put the cpu fan or the system fan cables into the motherboard. I quickly turned off the computer, plugged both cables in and turned it on. It would not turn on. Yet when I pulled those cables out, it would turn on.

Is my systems power supply not great enough? Here is the system she is working on.
Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H mother board
AMD Athlon II X2 240 2.8 ghz processor
GSkill 2 gb ddr2 800 mhz ram
Seagate 250 gb hard drive
A ddr2 graphics card from geforce like a 6600 I think (we are using it until we can get a new one)
Cooler Master Hyper 101 Cpu cooler
Zalman thermal paste.
450 watt raidmax power supply unit
Samsung cd/dvd drive

Also there are 3 case fans going as well. Would 450 watts before enough power or is it turning off because my power supply is too low? Do I have to get a bigger power supply?
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  1. Also I forgot to add, is the 450 watt power supply not giving out 450 watts like it should, I took it out of a raidmax case, because I did not feel like purchasing a new power supply for the computer since we actually just wanted a better case, because the raidmax case I was hearing so many horrible things about. Thanks.
  2. it's not a PSU issue for fans. But that is a pretty weak PSU.

    Look at your bios for fan settings. maybe you smoked something by not having the fan connected in the first place.

    Turning on is one thing, making the fans spin means you just have power to the mobo, what is the Mobo boot codes showing?

    I duuno.

    Lots mora info, but without the PC and mobo book and error codes in front of me I dunno.
  3. Raidmax = Chokemax. These were Raidmax: http://www.corsair.com/cinema/movie.aspx?id=622747
    Make sure you have the fan cables aligned properly. As Conumdrum said, check your BIOS; the Gigabyte boards I've had don't even start the CPU fan until the CPU starts to warm up.
    Right now, that's a real low-power rig. When you upgrade the GPU and/or CPU, make sure you replace that fecal PSU as well. To keep it simple, I'd suggest an Antec Earthwatts. The 380W model is $45 now, and can handle a HD5750.
  4. Im going to look at BIOS tonight. Last time I checked fans were working, but the BIOS said it was moving at 0.

    Also, I checked my power requirements on Newegg, however it doesnt tell me how much power the fans use or how much my cpu cooler uses. Im not too concerned with how much power the case fans use, but how much power would a Cooler Master Hyper 101 use for my AM2 chipset?

    The power supply I have doesnt really support 450 watts from what I understand. I need one of those continuous power supplies from what I am trying to pull away from this conversation.

    I would like to spend no more than 50 dollars really, I just need to know how much power this cpu cooler needs and so I dont spend 40-50 dollars more than I should on a higher wattage continuous power supply. This is just for my father, so he can have a work computer for his business, but I dont want it to end up like his previous computers.
  5. A 380W Antec Earthwatts for $45 will be sufficient. As it is a work computer, you don't even need the old video card; the HD4200 IGP will be sufficient for office tasks.
  6. Are you sure? I still have no idea how much power this cpu fan needs......I just dont want to have to send it back after finding out its not enough power.
  7. CPU fans need an insignificant amount of power.
  8. I have not seen any reviews of that one, but it is certainly better than the crappy PSUs Rosewill USED to sell that earned them a very bad rep. Since that one is 80+ certified, at the very least it could produce its full labeled rating, and do so efficiently (although arguably at a lower-than-realistic ambient temperature, I believe the tests are run for long enough to heat the units up pretty well). It's an unknown, but not likely to be crap, and you won't be stressing it.
  9. http://www.extreme.outervision.com/psucalculatorlite.jsp
    dont bother with a graphics card if you dont game...the motherboard integrated graphcis should be plenty
  10. I just found a review of it at Hardware Secrets, where they gave it a golden award, partly on its high bang/buck, but also for efficiency. They could pull up to 669W from it. So, Id say that particular Rosewill PSU is perfectly fine to use. It isn't an Antec, but it is certainly "good enough" on a budget.
  11. Good god. A fan never overdoes a PSU. You got other issues, it's not the PSU............

    Just connect the fans to the 12VDC header from the PSU. If it don't fit buy adaptors that make it fit, ot buy pins, plugs, soldering iron, heatshrink.

    Or dig into your bios.

    It's just a PC.
  12. You mean the 12VDC header near the cpu? The 8 pin connector? If thats the case I cant connect it there. What kind of adapter would I need?
  13. That connector is to provide power to the CPU; there will be 4- and/or 8-pin connectors from the PSU, ONE of them goes there (8 can only go one way; if you have only a 4-pin connector, the mobo manual and/or a sticker on the mobo should show which 4 pins to use). This is NOT the 4-pin connector that is wired along with the main 20-pin mobo power connector (making it a "20+4" connector), but an entirely separate one. It also is not the same as an 8-pin PCIE power connector.
  14. Everything is plugged in jtt283.

    Bios gave no error at load up, I went into the Bios menu, and the only thing is the fans are going, but it displays 0 for all the fans. What else should I be looking for in Bios Conumdrum?
  15. Ok right, a new 650 watt continuous power supply is in the system. But its still doing the same thing. What do I need to look for in Bios? Everything is on, just not that one part?

    Could it also be I have a bad cooler if I plug the power supply into the cpu fan port on the motherboard? Or is it a bad motherboard?
  16. Instead of cooler I guess we mean the fan no spinnie? The fan on the cooler.

    Your fan is a 4 pin PWM cooler. It needs connected to a 4 pin PWM connector on the mobo. Usually labeled CPU. You need a 4 pin connector on the mobo I think.

    Hopefully your mobo has one. Never mind what I said before since it's PWM.

    Open the bios and learn what fan control it has, enable it, change the temp whatever.

    I have been watercooling for more than a few years so I really pay no attention to bios fan control anymore, best of luck.

    Might look on the heatsink website or some other forums for more input. I don't know how much effort you have put in on your own, but asking here every few days looks like your not really worried about it too much.

    Read the manual?
  17. Want to hear something really stupid? There was a wire that came with the cpu cooler. I thought it didnt exist, until I took it apart, it was sitting right away from the cpu thank god. Im not thinking Arby's, I'm thinking "HOLY COW! I just wasted two hours of my life." So I plug in the wire into the cpu fan header, and life is great until I have to go to my future mother inlaws.......... :pfff:

    So I am going to wait to install the os. On an interesting side related note I would like to address one concern, not much of an issue......at least I hope so. My cooler is cooling my cpu on idle at around 37 C. Is this is ok, or should I totally flip out, go nuclear on the cooler and buy a new one? Or is it going to be fine where future concerns or problems do not surface?

    Thanks a million and another to those who helped me as well. I feel dumber every day.........but feel much more enlightened! :D
  18. Nice to see you do some digging, figuring it out.

    LOL! I've been in the same boat. Glad we got it worked out. If I remember right, without a operating system the CPU runs hot. Load the OS and use Coretemp at idle to check it out. Don't rely on the bios for temps, it's always wonky.

    Might think of new inlaws. Genetics is a precusor of your future, err her future.
  19. yeah its strange - cpu temps get pretty high while in bios, it doesnt seem like that textbased interface needs lots of cpu...
  20. Ok I will get the OS installed. Sounds very funky monkey that it runs high in bios. Is it just a misrepresentation of the actual temperature like you guys are saying? Or is it maybe like a delay in the actual temperature, like it may be 37 C, but it wont say that on my bios until 15 minutes later?

    Also incase you needed to know, but probably don't, her "parents" I don't want to use their names on here just because individuals should have their own privacy. Ironic we give them privacy but they call us 200+ times a week. They call her cell phone, my cell phone, my house phone. Thank goodness not for chef boyardee, but for them not knowing my mothers number because World War III would start. My fiance and I, are college students as well.

    I will not refer to them as "future inlaws" again after that, just because of the fact that I will not acknowledge them as such. All the things they put my fiance through, and all the nonsense I had to put up with. They only call her for money basically because they are too lazy to get it themselves, and they could if they wanted to, they dont even ask how her day was, or at least show concern.

    Basically what Im trying to say is, despite my fiance coming from such a horrible family. I was teaching her things I know. She did really well on this computer, probably better than when I made my intel i7 setup. We may actually open a computer business soon. She and I, are getting very good input from this website. Thanks guys.
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