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Does anyone know if a 2 750 gig hard drives running in Raid 0 can be partitioned, and if so a good software that can do it?
Thank you, Don
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  1. - Create RAID
    - Insert Windows DVD
    - Find driver
    - Install

    So the only utility you use is the Windows DVD. You partition inside the windows setup. Let Windows 7/Vista create the partition, or it might be unaligned leading to low performance. So do not use anything else than Windows to make your partition. If there already is a partition; delete it (destroys data) and start fresh.
  2. There are 2 methods - end result the same. But treated different by windows.

    (1) Sub mesa gave good guidance. for method 1
    (2) second method - When you create your Raid Volume, select only the size you want for your "first partition. Then select the remainder of the drive for Your 2nd Stripped Volume. You may select different stripped size for each volume.

    Difference - Method 1. Windows will display a single drive with multiple Logical drives. Method 2. During Boot the Bios will dtreat this as 2 seperate HDDs and Windows will display as 2 seperate hard drives (drive 0 and Drive 1. These two drives can be partitioned using method 1.

    I use method 2 and set the first volume at approx 100 -> 200 Gigs for the operating system and programs. 2nd stripped volume for my data and files.

    This is simular to short stroking. Normally in true short strole the first 205 -> 30% will be setup as a stripped volume and the remainder of the drive left unused.
    By using the remainder of the drive as Volume 2 this shows better performance using some HDD bench mark programs simular to true short stroke - Is it real, or Not - Not Sure.

    If window 7, No driver is required for most systems as the driver is included.
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