HIS HD4870x2 BSOD/hang on startup

Hello all,

I have searched to now end to try and find a fix. I just bought a massive PC from ibuypower and it has not worked correctly since day one. Before i contact them to get a different video card setup i wanted to see if anyone knew of a fix or workaround so i could keep these beefy cards. My setup is as follows:

Intel i7 965 @3.20 Ghz
12gb Corsair PC1333 DDR3
300 GB WD 10000RPM Veliceraptor
Dual HIS HD4870x2 Video Cards (Currently only running 1 card)
Corsair HX1000 Modular PS
Killer NIC (Not installed)
Liteon DVD Drive
Asus P6T Deluxe MB
Vista 64bit SP1
All in a Thermaltake Armor+ Full Case

When i first got the system and booted it up, i was getting red lines and artifacts all over the screen with both cards in Crossfire mode. Ibuypower said the QC the PC before shipment but it is obvious they did not. I then fooled with the modular PS as they had the power setup wrong to the cards and were sharing one rail for both HD4870x2 cards. I fixed that and that took care of the artifacts and lines but the system would still not boot. I then removed the 2nd card and reinstalled Vista 64bit. The PC will boot into windows in safemode but the minute i install and catalyst drivers and restart the computer, it will start to load windows and then hang for 4-5 minutes after the little bar section of the load screen. It will then flash a BSOD which does a physical memory dump and has some "ati2dvag" with a bunch of 000's and x's at the bottom.

I have yet to search and find anyone else with an i7 system with this problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as i can only use this great PC in safe mode... :(


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  1. That's what you call a monster.. Haha.
    Well you might want to google for "ati2dvag". And be sure to write down the stop code next time, with that you can search for a "solution" on Microsoft.com.

    Although I think it's the ATi HD / nVidia problem again..
  2. I have already searched and done that but it has not helped. Should i just cut my losses and request 2 Nvidia cards instead? or 3 cards in SLI since i think the Nvidia cards are ALOT cheaper than the ATI HD4870x2's...
  3. I still have not had any luck. I was able to get the following information out of Windows. I am able to get into Windows with a regular startup if i dont have any ATI drivers installed. Once they are installed, i can not longer boot into Windows.

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
    OS Version: 6.0.6001.
    Locale ID: 1033

    Additional information about the problem:
    BCCode: 124
    BCP1: 0000000000000000
    BCP3: 00000000BE000000
    BCP4: 0000000000800400
    OS Version: 6_0_6001
    Service Pack: 1_0
    Product: 256_1

    Files that help describe the problem:
  4. I have been reading other threads with people that are having the same or similar problem. They have stated that they had Nvidia drivers installed before and had to completely wipe them out for the system to boot. Now the new P6T board supports Crossfire and SLI. Do you think that the SLI support is causing the ATI card to freak out and not work?
  5. Turk:

    I have the same problem with a VERY similar system.


    My system:

    ASUS P6T Deluxe
    Intel Core i7 965 Extreme [3.2 GHz]
    12GB DDR3 RAM
    HIS HD4870X2 2GB Video

    I reinstalled and basically can only get Vista to boot with the generic drivers. It is definitely an ATI driver problem. The issue for me is that this happens with the most recent version of the driver (8.11). Those who have tried the beta version of next version of the driver [8.12] aren't having any luck.

    Let me know what you find.
  6. Well i have some great news. I was building a quad core system at the same time that i purchased this ibuypower system.

    Here are the quad core specs:

    Asus Rampage Mobo
    8gb DDR2 1066 Ram
    300 gb Velicraptor WDD HDD
    1 HD4870x2 Sapphire Card
    Windows Vista X64

    I built this system, installed everything and it worked great! The ATI drivers installed fine and no BSOD or hanging at all. I even played WOW for a bit maxed out and not even a glitch or hickup.

    I then tried each HIS card one at a time in the system to see if the problem was my hardware, software or both. The first card would artifact like crazy in the quad core system and would make the system hang on startup. I then took it out and put in the 2nd HIS card. This card did not artifact but it also hung and BSOD on startup. I then put the Sapphire card back in and the system started right up with no problems.
    Unfortunately i didnt try the sapphire card in the ibuypower system but it looks like the cards are both bad and need to be replaced.

    I called ibuypower today and told them to RMA me the 2 cards and i DID NOT want the HIS brand again but Sapphire. They told me they would see what they could do but couldnt promise. They did do all of this without any questions and sent me a prepaid shipping label to ship both cards back to them.

    I will give you all an update once i get 2 new cards from them and hopefully they are not HIS.
  7. if not direct --> flikker screen --> black screen --> pc restarts

    Following errors

    after reinstalling the ati drivers 50 times and then launching gta boots untill the game and then

    when playing farcry 2 http://kooola.ath.cx:1337/Crap/N95_556.jpg

    and all other games usuallly freeze and pc just restarts

    1 time a managed it intoo GTA 4 and this happend http://kooola.ath.cx:1337/Crap/N95_558.jpg

    when i run all games below in windowed mode there is absolute no crash @ all

    only thing i notice then is that the card's second gpu is using 2-4% resources

    and first 100% and the card's clock speed stays 507/500 while it is 750/900

    i am about 2 give the card back and step over 2 Nvidia but i wanne give it another shot
    and posting this around in forums hoping i find a sollution for my problem somewhere

    KooolaNL any question or tips plz let me know n.boss@live.nl

    Games i tested

    Test drive unlimited --> doesnt even start @ all
    Left 4 dead --> freezes when joining a server
    Counter strike source --> freezes when spawning
    Half life deathmatch --> when connected 2 server
    Grand theft auto 4 --> after i load a save game
    Farcry 2 --> when game starts
    Need for speed undercover --> @ ea logo

    i hope this problem is gonna be fixed soon

    or ati is doing it wrong or i am doing it wrong

    i see alot of problems on internet about this HD4870x2 Fullscreen problem freeze restart thingy

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