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I've been using a GeForce 6800 card up until recently. The card just died, and I need a cheap replacement / upgrade, like $30 - $50 cheap. I went over to Fry's website and saw a 7200GS and an 8400GS both for $30. How do these two cards compare to an age-old 6800, and are either a good upgrade?

I do play games. My 6800 could handle team fortress 2 with medium graphics and left 4 dead with LOW graphics, so if I could do a bit better than that I'd be happy. I don't play any graphics intensive games like far cry 2, bioshock, or cod4.
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  1. You didn't say what model 6800 you had, but why would you want to replace it with junk like those two ? Even a 3850 or 3870 or 9600gt would be much better.

    You're not going to get good performance from those cards..... as I re-read this my suggestion would be to get an ATI 4670 ( about $75 ) at the very least. No external power connector needed and will be a big boost for you.
  2. No,dont think of 8400GS or 7200GS they are good for gaming :)
  3. What specs? 6800 is an old card, might even be agp. Many newer cards (even the cheaper ones) will be slowed down by your CPU if it's an older system. Give us some more info and we can suggest a card that is right.
  4. +1 @Swifty. A 4670 would be a great choice. If $75-$80 is too high, then look for a 4650 for around $60. A 3650 might be only $55, but depending on what version of 6800 you had, could be no better.
  5. I just have a vanilla GeForce 6800, and I want to replace it because it's stopped working. Got fried after many years of use I guess.

    I should have been more clear. I'm planning on getting a new computer later next year, and when I do that I'll get a huge upgrade. Right now though, I just want to get a cheap card that will tide me over till I upgrade. I don't really care if it's barely any better than my current card. I know the 7200GS and 8400GS are crap cards, but compared to a vanilla 6800? I don't know, I thought they might be as good.

    My current specs are:

    Windows XP SP3
    Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz
    1 GB ram

    As for PSU... I don't even know, I'd have to open up the case later today. It can power a 6800 though, if that helps. I think nvidia's whole 6800 line was pretty power hungry.
    Motherboard: need to check that too. About 4 years old though.
  6. As a throwaway, you'd probably be satisfied with a 3650.
  7. Ok. A 3650 is also in the same price range as a Geforce 8500 GT. Any insight on how those two compare?
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