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HI All,

I've been handed a problem not of my creation, and have been wondering for some time what would be the best way to deal with it.

I have a folder with around 150,00 photos on a server, this server has been capturing stills from a webcam and those who wrote the script didnt see fit to have any automated filing of build into the system.

I want to use these stills to create videos, I need to have then sorted into monthly groups. However, even if I painstakingly download them (trying to select the ~40k files for 1 month through SCP isnt easy) windows locks up and complains endlessly at the sheer volume of files.

Does any one know any good file browse/sort ((e)rs) that will make my life easier?
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  1. You can sort them within the existing folder into chronological order by clicking the header of the Date Modified column.
  2. What are the specs on the system? Maybe more RAM will help here.

    You may also try to do a search for a script that can copy and/or move files around based on size/date/whatever. vbscript is a good one to use for Windows, I've used it before to sort and move files about. This would be a good start

    Scripting would be much faster and less prone to crashing than doing it manually with the Windows GUI.
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