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Hello, can someone please advise on the following. I just wanted to make sure my settings are correct. I'm guessing they are since I haven't really touched them since I built the com, about a year ago, and its been solid/stable. But, got a new version of cpuid and when I ran it, some questions came up. I know, should have done this when bldg com, but like I said, it worked after installing and such and been running fine since. Anyway, on w/ the questions. Ok, basically, it appears that my memory is only running in pc2-5300(333mhz) setting. I know I have pc2-6400(400mhz) ram in my system. I'm wondering why cpuid is reporting it lower/slower? Please see images below. Please let me know if there is additional info that might help resolve this issue. I Thank You in advance!

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  1. Your motherboard chipset will determine the ram speed. Some systems also run slower with 4 slots of ram filled.
  2. It seems a little odd to me that its only being reported as PC2-5300, running at 333mhz. I would like to, I guess OC this thing so that the ram and cpu FSB to DRAM ration is not only 1:1 but my ram is being fully utilized at 400mhz. Thats the part I'm having a hard time understanding and setting the bios :(
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