Where to install OS

i just bought myself a new system, installed my old hard drive (seagate 80GB) AND a new hard drive (seagate 7200.12 500GB)

My old one had a version of windows XP installed
I want to install windows 7
Where do i install the new OS?
the new drive or the old drive
if i install in the new drive do i have to format my old drive before installing in the new HDD?
what size partitions should i make?

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  1. if your going to install in new HDD just disconnect old HDD & continue with new one .. partition size depends upon your requirement..

    may be 200 or 250 Gb for each one..

    i suggest to install OS on new drive & move the virtual memory to the old drive after installing OS..

    or just install OS on old drive (move the data to new one before formattiong old HDD)
    and use new 500 gb drive for data
  2. ok so i created a partition for OS in the new drive (100 GB)
    so can i install my games and programs in the rest of the space (about 400 gb left)

    i don't really want to install programs in the old drives since it's an old and slower IDE drive
  3. as you wish...

    then try to use the old one for virtual memory or for backup ..
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