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Hello all ! I'm looking to purchase a mid ranged graphics card for the barebone kit i just bought online. I'm looking for this card to run WoW at maxed settings without any fps issues, also d3 when it's out without too many problems. Im trying to set my budget at around $200 because i also need to purchase a new psu come christmas time. So far I'm looking at a 3870, 9800gtx cards, the 4850 is up there also for me, seeing how near xmas the price should drop...anyways should there be any other cards i should be looking at ? Thanks in advance !

Setup atm:

amd 9500 phenom quad core
2400xt -- being replaced
bestec 400w psu -- being replaced
3gigs 667 mhz
win vista 32bit premium
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  1. yeah look into the 8800gt also because at lower red it usually outperforms the 4850 in some sit.
  2. cow_moo said:
    yeah look into the 8800gt also because at lower red it usually outperforms the 4850 in some sit.

    Care to name one?

    To the op, the 4850 is the best sub $200 card out there. You should be able to find some around $150, unless you don't live in the USA. The 9800GTX isn't a bad choice either, though the 4850 is newer.
  3. thanks for the feedback so far, and yeah i live in Canada. im thinking the 9800gtx should be more than enough for world of warcraft along with my system specs. Im gaming on a "!7 inch by the way... so anything better than a 9800 is maybe pushing it ?
  4. WoW isn't graphics intensive at all and, from the looks of it, D3 will not be either. You can actually settle for a much cheaper 9600 GT and still run max settings on a 17" screen.
  5. In order of performance, 4850 > 9800GTX >3870. If you include cards you didn't list but should consider, it looks like this. ($200 or less)

    4850 > 9800GTX > 8800GTS (not the 320/640 GTS cards.) > 8800GT > 9600GT ~3870 > 9600GSO ~ 3850 ~ 4670 > bargain cards.

    If you are serious about gaming and have ~$200 to spend, then look for any of the first 4 or so cards I listed. You haven't listed what resolution you will be playing at, but seeing as you appear to be playing RPG games, any of the cards I listed will probably work just fine for you. (unless you game on your LCD TV at 1920x1080.)
  6. Thanks a lot for the replies guys. Seeing how I'm going to be gaming on my 17" for a bit at the standard (1280x1024) and playing mainly the games i have listed, I'm going to go for the 9800gtx. Iv'e actually always wanted to give that card a try, seeing how I have always purchased ati cards in the past. This card should do pretty good if i chose to play the odd fps games here and there.
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