Crossfire performance issue

guys im into a buget crossfire mobo.i currently have 2 hd3870:

i seeing these boards now:

the problem is both of them offer 16+4 crossfire configs.
will there be any performance penalty??
it would be nice to hear from the wise grape ape too.

thanks in advance guys! :)
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  1. I suggest instead of buying a x-fire mobo to sell both your 3870 and buy a 4850 or 4870 card. You will be better served by this setup than those 2 3870. Just my 2 cents
  2. im not stuffed with cash....the only way to get more performance is by getting a cf mobo which is cheap....
  3. A 16x and a 4x wont do you any good performance wise.

    The other guy had the right idea, sell your 3870s and get a 4850.

    You arent stuffed with cash, but you are prepared to buy a open box item for $100.

    Open box items are sent back because the last guy couldnt get it to work. There is a 15 day return on them and 0 exchange.

    Oh not to mention you wont get the i/o plate or CD or any cables.
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