Can anyone tell me why it seems to make no differance

hi there i have recently overclocked my processor (AMD Athlonii x2 250 3ghz) to 3.8ghz. also overclocked my graphic card (XFX 4650 1gb s)core from 600mhz to 700mhz and memory from 500mhz to 550mhz. and have also raised my pcie controller from 100mhz to 120mhz. i seem to have no problem with stability and it seems to run pretty cool 55c at most so far but after testing several times at lots of different settings my 3dMARK 06 score is always virtualy unaffected and there seems to be no noticeable improvement in general system speed i was wondering if anyone could help me understand why as this is my first build and first systm i have ever overclocked
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  1. First off lower your pci e back too 100 you can seriously damage your card by haveing it higher then that. Your problem is not your cpu its your GFX card. It is a bottleneck for your cpu at 3.0ghz so 3.8 will make no difference the 4650 is a really weak card idc how much you overclock it it will still be weak. Until you upgrade that card your performance issue will remain.
  2. thanks for telling me not too mess with the pcie .
    iknow my graphics card is weak couldnt get any better for less than £30 but overclocking bye nearly a third has made no difference to anything .....i thought it would make a tiny difference
  3. Yes, indeed. Leave the PCIe settings alone.
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