Cant tell which is better GTX 260 VS 4870

GTX 260 192 Shader versus HD 4870.

I have done a lot of benchmark reading and cant tell which to get, i may sli/crossfire them later, but not soon. I play at a 1440 resolution, and need 2AA on. Want to max all settings and have 2AA on cause if its not on for some games the screen goes crazy. I play all of the newest games and such and im hoping this card will last a year or 2, I am dieing to play bioshock 2 and 3 (the first bioshock was the best shooter game ever, it even made me cry).

Any way only wanting to spend $220.

I am pretty sure now ima get this combo deal.

Do you have to have 2 6 pin connectors for these? i have 1 6 pin. PSU is 550 Watts with the 2 12V lines having 18 amps is this enough? Only got 1 hard drive and a E2200 so im not using much power.
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  1. Well, either card is good, each winning and loosing some of the benches. Yes, both cards need 2 6pin connectors, the one that comes directly from your PSU and the other by using a molex which comes with the card, so don't worry. Your PSU is enough but you will need to OC that 2200 in order to utilize the card fully. Otherwise you'll have a major bottleneck. Personally, I have the 4870 and I'm totaly happy with it. I play all games max (except crysis, which sucks as a game so I don't care).

    Bioshock 2 and 3???? Am I missing something??
  2. just flip a coin. i have the 260's and they are great. the 4870 is every bit as good. cant go wrong either way!
  3. I have them both. Get the 260.
  4. I have the Powercolor 4870 1gb and am very happy. I traded in an evga 8800gtx superclocked.

    Blashyrkh is right on...your 2200 will bottleneck either card alone, let alone a second card. Speaking on a second card, you mentioned maybe crossfire/sli later...your motherboard will dictate that...not the card you buy. If you have a nvidia motherboard that is sli capably, then you can only do sli...not crossfire. I have a x38 board (ASUS Maximus Extreme) so I can only do crossfire...not sli. This might play into your decision.
  5. Swifty can you explain? It would be interesting to hear more detail from someone that has both. What games do you play and why do you like the 260 better?

  6. A new motherboard and new cpu is on the works later, i am not sure when ima get one but as for the bottleneck i already expected a mild bottleneck, as long as i get 40 frames and max quality with 2AA i dont care.

    So i have to have 2 6 pin connectors to get the card going? 1 wont be enough?

    Think ill get the 4870 since it practically comes with 4 gigs of free good ram.
  7. swifty_morgan said:
    I have them both. Get the 260.

    You accidentally the whole video card market?
  8. Neither card is better. They are "as broad and they are long" as my grandpa used to say. Whichever gives you the best deal or whichever you likes the looks of. You can't go wrong.

    I have a factory OC'd GTX 260 (original 192 shader model) and I love it. I would have been just as happy with a 1GB HD 4870 if they had been around at the time.
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