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I'm choosing between ASUS P5KPL-AM/PS, GIGABYTE G31M-S2L and XFX XG31i? Which one's the best? Are there any better g31s out there? Thanks guys!
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  1. Gigabyte no doubt...heard they have so many BIOS options, using which many ppl have hit above 3GHz wit E5200...And the nowadays they come wit energy efficient tags also...get Gigabyte...
  2. Performance wise, they are about the same. I would suggest the Gigabyte over the other 2 simply for the bios features. Gigabyte is known for making user friendly bios features. Gigabyte is known for their boards, that's one of their better boards, and the price is right.
  3. Im owner of a g31m-s2l beware you only get solid capacitors for the cpu not the other capacitors across the board ... i can only reach 2.93 Ghz with a E2180 (2.00Ghznormal speed) cuz this board dont have memory divider so you cant pass through 1300 bus speed ... get a g33 cuz is based on a p35 plus video onboard needed in case you want to sell your videocard and keep using your computer... besides you get full solid capacitors on the entire board (g33) ... but if you really want performance get p45 and buy e5200 and you will obtain 4.00Ghz at 1.504 volts...
    p35 and g33 have memory dividers and that help a lot when you want to reach top overclocking speeds...good luck ...
  4. You added almost a full Ghz on a low end g31 mobo. what more could you want??

    Obviously the p43 and p45 mobo's will perform at a higher level, but they also cost more.
  5. Hey aford im not complaining im just saying he can get a lot more changing just from g31 to g33 or p35 is he dont want video, plus the total solid capacitors (if he choose gigabyte of course), thats a hell of good value if you get a good cheap overcloking cpu...depends of him if he can affort that difference of 22 dollars
    g31 Gigabyte
    p35 MSI also solid capacitors
  6. ooo said:
    but if you really want performance get p45 and buy e5200 and you will obtain 4.00Ghz at 1.504 volts...

    1.504 volts is good if you're looking to do another upgrade soon.
  7. My budget is for g31 only. No Higher. Unfortunately, GIGABYTE G31M-S2C is the one available here in my country. Hope there is not much diffrence. So XFX motherboard is not really that good? It looke kinda great. :) I'll be using E7400. Thanks for the help guys.
  8. If you cut back on the cpu to an e5200, you could get a better board. The p43 boards aren't too much more.
  9. it's a lot of difference in our currency. g31 only.
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