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Hi Guys,

I need to build a computer primarily for using Matlab, windows and linux. I will be using a lot of technical softwares with Matlab taking center stage.

The dilemma i am in is whether to go quad core or dual core? Can anyone help me with some Matlab benchmarks with regards to different processors or just share their experience with it?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Appreciate it.
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  1. Go quad. Matlab can take advantage of multiple threads for many types of computation.
  2. Matlab sells a new multi-core addon ($1k) that allows you to program specifically for multicore & multiprocessor situations. I recently built a machine solely for crunching massive amounts of matlab data.

    What we found to be a great build was a Core i7 extreme 3.2GHz with 12GB of RAM, while running 6 instances of matlab using a batch script to execute them all, since our computations were not multi-core optimized or aware.

    It cut down a 30 hour marathon of computations to 5 hours.

    Hope that helps.
  3. hey thanks for the help!
    well i really cant spend so much to get a corei7 extreme
    what i can do is get a phenom II since its an affordable quad core, do you think phenom II will benefit me or is there a better alternative?
    also for matlab, 8 gb ddr2 800 or 4 gb ddr2 1066?
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