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E6750 2.26ghz & ASUS P5QL PRO MB OC

Last response: in Overclocking
March 9, 2010 4:54:52 PM


Well sometimes i get fps drops in games and i read around and so i want to OC my E6750 2.66ghz & ASUS P5QL PRO. I was thinking about getting a new CPU, E8400 something around that, but then i though it's not worth it.

My System:
E6750 2.66ghz / CPU Cooler Alpenfohn Grossglockner - Got it on 1200rpm: It's bent abit on upper side, not the fan it self but the "metall", but i guess it's not a big problem since it's working well and the temps are fine aswell (~35C cpu and ~40C Motherboard).
ASUS P5QL Pro Motherboard
ENERMAX PRO82+ 425watt
ATI HD4850 Sapphire 512mb&256bit

Since i don't have much clue about Overclocking, can some1 tell me aswell till where can i go? I don't want to go to the maximum since i don't need that much. I was thinking about starting around 3.0ghz and then checking if it's ok, if not: try it at 3.2ghz.

About overclocking itself, what is actually better: Using these Programs that i have on the ASUS installation CD or just doing it in BIOS with that program or w/e it is called "Ai Tweaker" in BIOS.

And ye could some1 then post a guide for my setup or just write me which setting should i set it the "Ai Tweaker" in BIOS. Like i said i don't want it to be at maximum, just want to start and edit it slowly and then just check if it's ok for me.
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March 10, 2010 12:20:20 AM

For most games, it's more important to tweak the graphic settings/upgrade the GPU than make changes to the CPU's operation. This is true even for relatively CPU-heavy games like the Left 4 Dead series. I'd suggest you consider upgrading your graphics setup or lowering your graphics detail, and upgrade your RAM to 4GB.
March 10, 2010 11:49:34 AM

not a guy who tryes new games every month, my games is bassed on cpu and the GFX card is not that bad. Can you just tell me how to OC it.
March 10, 2010 11:50:01 AM

Can some1 actually help me out then?