What is the detailed structure of volume boot record ?

what is the detailed structure - showing each byte offset and its description - of volume boot record ? or in other words .. what is the description of each byte offset in volume boot record ?
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  1. This smells like an assignment question to me...

    You need to learn how to stand on your own two feet. I'll give you a hint: in the industry this is normally called the "Master Boot Record", not the "Volume Boot Record". If you do a Google you can find your answer very quickly.
  2. volume boot record is not the same as master boot record .. they are two different types of boot sector .. check this link . regarding master boot record .. i could find its detailed structure ( standing on my own two feet ) .. but regarding the volume boot record .. i really searched actively but found nothing about its detailed strucure .. so .. if any one knows it tell me please ?
  3. Well by that definition the only real formatted info that it contains is the signature in the last two bytes. The rest of it would presumably be loaded into memory and executed as part of the boot sequence, so remainder of the contents would simply be machine instructions.
  4. In fact this is not the case . At this link you will find that volume boot record consists of disk parameter block and volume boot code . It was the first time I ever hear about that so called " disk parameter block " .
  5. How about this: http://www.p-dd.com/chapter3-page19.html

    Be aware, though, that this is not a universal standard like the MBR is - it's specific to DOS. Each OS and/or file system type may have it's own unique format.
  6. ok , at the link you brought , the disk parameter block is described typically as bios parameter block .. so we can guess they are both the same .. so , by adding the code portion we get the same structure of that of the ordinary well known fat boot sector ( which is typically composed of bios parameter block and code ) . and thus the famous boot sector structure should be called the volume boot record as it is only one type of the boot sectors , while the other type is mbr which has a differnt structure . and hence , the problem is only terminlolgical . Thank you for help .
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