Flash drive disk error press any key to restart reboot and select proper boot de

Trying to install Windows XP PRO SP2. I used NERO to burn the files and also have them on flash drive. Both devices aren't working. I get "Reboot and Select proper device ir insert media in selected boot device and press a key"
I have checked the bios, I have taken my 9800 gt out and am on intergrated gaphics(Intel DG31PR IS MY MOBO), and even took out a stick of RAM.
I have done this before with no issue, but had to reinstall after formatting about 9 months ago.

I apoloigize for the long description; and suggestions?
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  1. First you need to make sure you have a bootable CD/DVD. Then you need to insure you are booting to the CD/DVD and not your hard drive. You must either go into your BIOS settings and make the CD/DVD boot before hard drive or use the key (could be F2 or F10 or some other key) to bring up a boot menu and choose your CD/DVD drive.
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