Installing Windows XP Pro SP2

I copied OS files onto 8GB PATRIOT flash drive, as well as burned them onto a CD-R with NERO. Niether will boot, the bios screen pops up and I told it which order for evreything to boot from, I changed the RAM, I took out the CMOS batterry about 4 times, checked cables, made sure the DVD drive was Master, and even took out the video card and am hooked up to onboard graphics. I'm using an INTEL DG31PR MOBO. Obviously I would like this to work soon, as my buddy wants us to play WoW tonight, so what should I do? I keep getting a message after the bios screen to reboot/select another bootable disk and press a button.
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  1. you need an XP installation disk, with a key code.
    you cant just copy the operating system files, and expect it to load by itself, it's a bit more complicated...
  2. Well I have done it before. The only differences are the PSU, case, and thermal paste; which obviously would not effect it. Everything is powered, the bios recognizes everything, and I've looked at the bios settings each time with each method(flash drive + dvd drive). It's been a while, but I am apparently having a massive brain fart.
  3. Ah well, your way, I suppose. lol
  4. If you want to boot off the flash drive, you have to create a bootable install on the flash drive. Here's a guide on how to do that.
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