Do i need a sound card?

Do i need a sound card for gaming? I mostly use head phones anyways but I do want to use speakers too. DO I need a sound card? Or is the on bouard mother board sound just fine for mostly everything?
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  1. Unless you are big into music or FPS gaming, you probably do not need a sound card. Onboard sound has improved by leaps and bounds over the past few years.
  2. Some sound cards give you better spatialization when playing 3d games. It helps you know how far people are away from you in FPSes. But need, nah. Maybe a want. It would let you have headphones and speakers connected at the same time, which some onboard sound can't do.
  3. I do a lot of fps. actually maiunly fps.

    My motherboard is rather new, its an MSI x58 platinum for the i7.

    i think it should be good.
  4. Yea the onboard should be perfectly fine

    If its really not what u expect THEN u can go get a better sound card
  5. When your system is running, try 3DMark03, it has a sound test, in 3 parts. Good sound card does all sections, some onboard sound cannot manage the section with 60 voices. Do use a GOOD pair of headphones.

  6. ^exactly what i was going to ask... are you using a $20 pair of headphones or a $200 pair...
  7. All depends upon your sound system. If you're using PC speakers, even the more expensive end of PC speakers such as the z5500, i wouldn't bother with a soundcard unless EAX is a must. However if you're sending the PC sound through decent headphones/dedicated hifi/AV system then i'd thoroughly recommend one.
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