Way around HP bios for OC?

Hi. I have a HP XW 4400 with a Intell E6600 at stock 2.6ghz. I was wondering if there is any way I could OC it, i know HP bios blocks it, but is there anyway around it? (Voiding Warranty is not an problem, It ran out a month ago)
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  1. No. Not unless you replace the motherboard.
  2. Nothing? Can't do anything?
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  4. Right, thanks. I'l check it out.
  5. Wait,

    1. How do I OC the CPU?

    2. What's a safe speed for a E6600 CPU on a Copper HP XW4400 cooler?
  6. HP is a terrible manufacture. Have you even opened your case to notice the crazy cable management they have... none! Not only that but they are well known to overeat "yes at stock speeds". My brother in law had an 8800GT burn out in his HP because it would constantly overheat.
    So... needless to say, even if you could overclock with an HP motherboard "which there is no way to do" your taking a pretty huge risk because that's a 65nm chip and will burn up like crazy in that case. Just get a custom build if you want to overclock... if you don't know how to assemble a computer you should Not bother with overclocking.
  7. Alright dude. It's not like I paid retail for it. My friend is a Computer Wholesaler. He found a goverment seizure auction that had like 100 of them. He preid open the cases, and he found some Quadro FX5800 and other video capture cards in them. those card are worth thousands of dolars each. He boght the lot l(ike 5grand in total lol), then removed the cards, sold them, and offered me one of the systems, cheap. I got my build, (See my Sig) for 350$, which i think is a good price. And i got that a while ago.

    So STFU. I build and Scrap/Sell at tech shows computers for a student part time job, and i can assemble/scarp/disassemble a computer, and i have several thousand times in the past.

    Please leave the thread, RIGHT NOW.
    Intead of being helpfull, Like jsc, you just come here to flame, and be an ass.

    I'm not disagreeing with you about Hp being a fail in general. But please don't flame me, and try to insult my technical knowlaege. I want you to show me a better system for 350$.
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    nBut it would still be nice for some hold you're hand help.
  9. were you able to OC your HP xw4400?

    i have an HP xw4400 with an Intel core2 duo @1.86ghz and would like to overclock it and it's stock graphic card ATI fireGL V3100..

    i'm a novice so any help is highly appreciated.

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