Anyone have personal experience on the Asrock X58 Supercomputer?

I've read review after review and the Asrock x58 Supercomputer mobo sounds awesome for a $300 board. The benchmarks shows it competing with higher end and more expensive solutions easily. But my question is has anyone had any personal issues with their board in hand?

The reason why I ask is because the Asus P6T got awesome reviews as well but on newegg the site is full of complaints of memory postings and issues during installation. I know the Asrock is a budget mobo builder usually and they stepped out of their turf for this one. I'm just concerned since that it's a "sleeper" of sorts that there aren't complaints posted since no one purchases it. Or are there not any complaints about it because it's simply a well designed board? Any feed back would be appreciated.

I ordered it just yesterday to go with these components

i7 920
corsair 750 psu
ocz 1600 DDR3 1600
Asrock Supercomputer mobo
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  1. Ive setup two i7 systems now, one with the EVGA 3xSLI and the other was the ASRock supercomputer. Now unfortunately I did have to RMA the first EVGA board (but that happens so I wont hold that against the board) but the ASrock board was fine on the first go.

    All being equal I slightly prefer the EVGA in terms of the BIOS and I've gotten a slightly better OC on the EVGA board as well. (allowing me to go higher clocks with the same voltage as the ASRock)

    One dislike about the ASRock (for me) was the 20+4 pin connectors location as the power supply was in the bottom of a large case, made it a little stretch. Although I do prefer the placement of the USB and firewire headers on the ASRock to the EVGA.

    Overall it is a very nice board!
  2. were you overclocking the i7 920 or a higher up cpu? Also what speeds were you running at a stable 24/7 on each? I'm curious because the asrock i have to get online but the Evga I can get at Microcenter.
  3. Thank you for your insight.. I think I'll stick with the Asrock then. Since it seems the i7 920 overclocking also depends on the batch of the cpu itself. I have a "B" so hopefully I can get a little extra out of it.

    It was good to read from someone that has a asrock board in hand testify to it being a good board.
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