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I just put in a Phenom II Deneb today, and i have a question about RAM. I'm running 4x1gb sticks of gskill 1066. It was down to 800mhz before i put the cpu in, and i had read that i wouldn't be able to do 1066 with more than 2 sticks of ram. I saw the multiplier in the bios to up it, so i gave it a shot. It seems to be working well, now i have a question about the timings, what should they be? Under my CPUZ timings tables i should be at 5-5-5-15, but it is at 5-7-7-20. Should i manually change this? And do I need to manually up the voltage to 2.1v?

Phenom II Deneb 3.0ghz
4x1gb G.Skill 1066 RAM
Gigabyte GA-M750SLI-DS4 Motherboard
2x 320gb WD HDDs in Raid 0
650w PSU
GTX260 Core 216 Vid Card

Also, should I be running ganged or unganged mode for memory?

I'd really like any advice to make sure I have everything running correctly on this system.

P.S. What are some solid benchmarking apps?

Thanks for the help!
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  1. You need to set the RAM voltage in the BIOS to whatever your RAM sticks require (should be printed on them). If there is a range, use the highest voltage in the range.
    Timings don't matter significantly for performance, so I'd leave them alone if the system is stable even when stressed.
    memtest86+ is a good basic program -- make sure you get no errors while running it overnight.
    After that, in Windows you can run one of the PRIME95-based stress testers in a mode that stresses both CPU and RAM; watch the CPU and system temp as you are doing so to make sure they are not overheating. You should be able to run the stress test without any errors for a number of hours (overnight is best, but watch the temps at least for the first few hours).
  2. tune it

    manually set it - remember you may need a little more voltage with 4 sticks vs 2

    run orthos mem only to tune it change the latecies one at a time
  3. Ok thank you both for the advice!
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