Completely new to oc-ing

frankly speaking, I'm still trying to understand the guides for oc-ing. However, I'm kinda lost . . .

seriously don't really know where to start off. . .

Here's my pc's spec

Mother board: MSI pro E X58 . . bios :american megatrends. cmos , i'm not very sure how to use it. . argh!
processor :i7920 , 2.66 ghz D0stepping
Cooler :prolimah tech, megahalems as my heat sink.
HDD : WD caviar black 32mb 500gb
Ram: OCZ 1333mhz 1X 6 gb platinum.
PSU : OCZ MODX Stream pro 700W.

I don't know where to start off. . reading the guide now but i'm kinda confused. . .

my question is i need some one who understands , msi pro-e's bios to help me.

i understand the guide now but i don't understand the bios of my mother board -.- "
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  1. erm my cooler / heatsink is prolimahtech megahalems. sorry about the typo error
  2. See, that's a problem. It seems like every BIOS does things a little differently. That's why,when you are looking at a general guide, you need to be constantly thinking, "How does this apply to my BIOS." If you can find a guide for your specific motherboard, that will help a lot.
  3. A good place to start looking is on the various forums of the manufacturer's.

    I know EVGA has some really good forum action going on concerning their boards, so I don't see why it would be any different for MSI.
  4. Thanks alot ! My board have a problem.. I was advise not to Oc till I fix my ioh temp. It was 98degrees on idle and 102 on running I heard above 100 it's off intel's standard. I've placed some thermal compound kit on the heat sink of it's north bridge and it only reduced to 88 and running 95... I don't have much funds to change heat sink and advise not to Oc till I fix this.

    Some guys asked me to get a 40mm fan on it with 5.5k rpm... Any advice?
  5. Are u tallkiing about the motherboard northbridge or the cpu? I thijnk u are talking about the nb, so here goes...
    Is the little heatsink that hot if u touch it? If those temps are right then the heatsink would be pretty much untouchBle! What temp readingz are those? The ones from the bios or from speedfan or what?
  6. Yes is the nb. Ioh temp 85 idle. It's super hot. Hmm there's no fan on the nb heatsink for now. So how am I going to reduce the temp? Change the heat sink? Can't afford it for now.. I've already place thermal compound kit even took out the heat sink to apply it. So the temp decreased from 98 to 85 on idle.. I guess is not very good .
  7. Put a cheapo 40mm fan on it... If u mod that and hook it up toxthe 5v instead of the 12v connections then itll be quiet and shoul still help...
  8. Ps
    put the fan facing down pushing the air toward the heatsink for best results. ( usually this means putting the side of the fan with the little round label facinf toward the heatsink)
    connect the red wire of the fan to the red wire on the molex connector and the blaxk wire right hext to the red one...
  9. Could try purchasing a spot cooler as well for the north bridge to keep it cool using something like an Antec Spot cool or similar.
  10. Thanks!! I'll go check it out been busy to fixed this issue I hope to get over with it asap!!!
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