ATI or Nvidia with 750a motherboard

Hi, I am going to purchase a new graphics card but after reading certain reviews and bearing in mind I have a nvidia chipset motherboard was wondering what would be best out of three possible cards with gaming at high resolutions? (ie 1920x1200, as i have a 28 inch monitor).

Nvidia 9800GTX+
Radeon HD 4850 1GB

and possibly if i can afford it
Radeon HD 4870 512 MB

Does the fact that its a nvidia chipset make much difference?

Also I have only a phenom 9650 2.3 quad, but am planning on overclocking it as high as can (2.8 seems to be about the limit).

My motherboard is a Asus M3N-HD HDMI (nvidia 750a SLI chipset)
Was at first thinking of eventually SLI'ing the 9800GTX+ but not sure it would be worth it with my cpu.

(also 3 gigs of DDR2 RAM)

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  1. All three cards you mention are very nice(edit: and will work fine with your motherboard).

    With an SLI mobo, you may want to stick to NVidia only to keep SLI as an option. Even dual 9800GT will beat the HD 4870 in most games. Dual 9800GTX+ will easily beat the GTX 280. Pretty impressive when you consider the cost: $115 ($100 AR) each
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