Best low-profile video card?

WHat is the best one on the market that will work on a 300 watt psu and a low profile motherboard setting?
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  1. The best low profile gaming card is the Galaxy 9600GT:

    Some 300W PSU's could manage to run this card if the system isn't loaded, but it depends on your exact PSU as they are all far from equal.

    Is this a Dell, HP, etc? Often their PSU's are under rated and you may be OK. Otherwise, What brand is your PSU? Is there a label on it (inside the case). We specifically want to know the maximum +12V output in either Amps or Watts. Also, what are the system specs (list all components such as CPU, number of drives, etc.)
  2. 3 possiable PSUs -
    Delta 300 Watt Power Supply
    300-Watt Power Supply SATA 20-Pin Non-PFC - HIPRO
    BESTEC 300 Watt Power Supply
  3. also, does this card require two 3 pin connecters connected to it from the psu?
  4. It takes a 6 pin PCIe connector, an adapter is furnished with the card, you'll need to connect it to 2- 4pin molex. The 9600GT 512GB uses 61watts of power at load. You'll want to keep an eye on your temperatures, Gateway along with other prebuilt systems have pretty poor cooling.
    Run this with your stock system at load, then again after you install the new card to check temps. The 300w PSU is a little on the low side, but should work, of the 3 possible PSUs Delta is the best imo.
  5. so it only has to connect to one molex not two like the 3870?

    Meaning like the old 9800 pro card I used to have that only needed one? Cause all my molexes are in use beside one free one.
  6. It's the Bestec 300 Watt Dual 12V Power Supply
  7. Gateway doesn't list the important specs for that PSU, so it's hard to say if it's got enough 12V power for that card.

    Is there a label on the PSU that lists output for the rails? Otherwise maybe Gateway can tell you the +12V output.
  8. The 6-pin molex adapter uses 3 wire's from each molex, so you need to plug in both to power the card. If one molex plug goes to a fan, you could probably just free one up with a cheap molex Y cable like this -
  9. It is +12v/15A +12V/.08A as output
    +5V/30A +5VSB/2AQ
  10. Also, I dont have any free molexes connected to a fan because theres a six pin one (looks similar to a small picie connector) connected to the motherboard right next to the fan (IM guessing giving it power but it could be also giving something else power) but I also have a portable media drive by that has things l dont have to really use that is connected through one of these 4 pin floppy/molex connectors:

    I have an extra pair of those from my old radeon 9800 pro so can I just use this to plug into this 9600gt?

    ALso the one I was going to piggyback to the video card with the splitter is connected to the cd/dvd/rw drive.
  11. Ouch - A single 15A 12V rail is IMO way too little for the 9600GT. You'll need to either find a new PSU for that machine or look for a different card that doesn't require an additional power cable. Watch out for crippled cards with a 64-bit memory interface.

    Nowhere near the 9600GT, but this isn't too bad a low profile card:

    Edit: The 15A still scares me for the above card too. How many drives are in your system?
    I wonder if that's a proprietary PSU? Anyone know?
  12. or do you think I should just get this card?
  13. I was thinking of getting this psu:

    but it still might not be enough? Also I am not very good at pc upgrading and dont want to pay 40 dollars for bestbuy to do it. I have a hard time even disconnecting the 4 pin floppy/molex connector (inf act I havent been able to do it yet since I have no finger nails). And I wouldnt know where to flip the black switch (the o or the line nor which part of the red voltage thing would I have to set the voltage to):
  14. also what about this card?

    sorry for all the questions.
  15. Because of the poor stats of the Bestec power supply i'd upgrade the PSU for the 9600GT. Any other graphic card choice would be a big step down in performance. Here's 2 power supplies that i would use along with the 9600GT.
    PC Power and Cooling 370w for $35 after rebate
    Silverstone ST400w $30
  16. but I hear not all power supplies work with all motherboards. The motherboard might be rela cheap as well for this budget computer.
  17. Here is a fourth option:

    I dont need to do heavy power gaming, just some bioshock, strategy games, etc.
  18. does this guy have a similar gpu he was reocmmended that 9500 gt for (also a gateway but a bit better versions)?
  19. Greetings,

    I’m a bit new to this gaming graphics stuff so please forgive my stupidity.
    I am alas the owner of a Dell C521…yes I know. I didn’t twig it was a low profile machine when I bought it….yes I know silly me!

    Anyway this Galaxy 9600GT sounds like just the job to drag my machine up to scratch. Who’s a good UK supplier of such and do you have a part number?
    Also I’ve read that one needs a few other bits and bobs such as a molex to 6 pin PCI e adapter….anything else I might have missed other than the low profile mounting bracket? Your help is appreciated.

    Many thanks

  20. Oh one more question I forgot to ask....I use 2 monitors (dual head, dual displays or whatever the term is) Anyone know if this card will support that function?
    Would this be dual DVI ?
  21. Also forgot to mention that my monitors are standard dell 19” flat screens which would be 1280 X 1024 pixels.


  22. Sorry for the bitty mails to all but questions keep popping up.
    And another question, If I'm going to upgrade the card I may as well do the PSU as well. What’s the recommendation for the highest wattage I can stuff in the C521 case?


  23. Everywhere Ive been reading on forums people say the 9500 gt plays msot if not all games at pretty good resolutions and settings, and it only draws 50 watts and runs on msot 300 (if not less) watt psus. I am gonna go this route as Ive never put in new power supplies before nor do I want to learn how to necessairly right now.
  24. oh and it doesnt need any adapters to the card from the power source outside a pcie slot. It is impossible tof ind any info on them though and although there are a douple different versions out there like this ebay one:

    or this newegg one:
  25. The 9500GT is for all purposes a 8600GT that's been rebadged. Here's a link to a hierarchy chart that shows relative positions of graphic cards.,2086-7.html
    As you can see the 9500GT DDR2 is about 7 tiers below the 9600GT DDR3 which only runs about $20 more after rebate. The 9500GT does have very low power requirements though (about 30 watts) and would run fine on the stock Dell unit. For performance the 9600GT and a new power supply would be a better option, if you can make do with the 9500GT (or the HD3650 DDR3) then it's not a bad answer. piran you may want to look at the HD4550 for running 2 monitors.
  26. so you think the hd3650 is equally as powerful than the 9500gt despite only having 512 mb (as opposed to 1 gig on the 9500 gt)

    memory clock is also 800 mghs on the 9500 gt:

    it doesnt list the memory clock of the 3650 on newegg but according to this article:

    "The GPU is clocked at 725MHz, and this card is using PowerColor's SCS3 fanless heatpipe cooler."

    It also doesnt have a fan unlike the 9500 gt. SO are they really similar? The 9500 gt is newer so Im guessing it would use directx10 technology?

    Also, how much voltage or power does the 3650 use?
  27. And dirtmountain, I dont know how accurate the hierarchy is because the low profile version of both of those cards are basically enttire different cards and should have seperate measurments. I mean most of those cards come in ddr3 for the regular version and ddr2 for low profile.
  28. on that chart the 9500 gt ddr2 is ahead a whole section of both the 3650 and the 8600 gt ddr2 versions, its only about equal to the ddr3 standard.
  29. I bought the 9500 gt but according to one review I recently found of a regular 9500 gt whjich has similar if not the same requierments:

    "The box says that the card requires a power supply with a 12V rail that makes 18A. My Antec 550 Neo runs it easily."

    will this hamper my performance? I am not using more than 220 watts already on my system so I have a lot of room and this card only utilizes 50 watts, but at the same time I only have one 12V 15A rail.
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