Formatting netbook hard drve

how to format netbook without cd rom
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  1. You can't format without using a CD for the OS you're choosing.
    However, if it's Linux, you can boot it up with a USB stick. :)
  2. You need an ISO image of your Windows 7 disk. Then you can use a USB stick with an ISO boot loader like the one here:
  3. Most easy would be an external cd/dvd drive. But why do u need to format? New install?

    BTW, read here, already answered for u to use :)

    Also possible to format it in PC, by removing the drive.

    But USB pen drive with LiveCD would be my choice. Small size and does the job.
  4. If your Windows install is corrupt or is crawling, use the recovery partition that you start at the post logo by press one of the function keys.
  5. Some Netbooks have the option while booting - there you can choose to do a rollback to factory resets
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