I5 750 overclocking with p55h-a

ok guys im oping this will be my last overclockig post lol, ok as of right now i have my overclock at 3.24ghz but if i go any further than that i get random memory-managment bsod's does anyone know what the problem is is the ram clocking to high, and i get a little hanging sometimes like unresponsive explorer, my idle temps are 27-30 so dont thinks its the heat im at stock voltage the ecs voltage tweaking a is a little confusing lol, but ope you guys can help. :)
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  1. Try Vcore=1.20V, Vtt=1.10V, Vram=1.5V or 1.65V, PLL=1.8V, PCH=1.05V

    If it still doesn't work, then have a read at...

  2. my vcore is stock at 1.24v so do you want me to lower it?
  3. Yes, 1.24V is way too high for 3.2GHz.

    p.s. My i5-750@3.6Ghz requires merely 1.21V
  4. Every time I read something like this I'm reminded that I need to go home and go over my rig's settings a little closer... I swear I'm at 3.6 and 1.28. I've emailed myself a link to this post and I've GOT to get around to poking around in my BIOS to see what I've got wrong.
  5. lol well heres the problem my ecs board wont allow me do drop voltages only increse lol.
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