More Ram = Slower Boot/ Program Load Times?

Hey everyone,

I am running Win Xp Pro 32 bit on a custom machine. I pulled out my 2 1 GB of DDR2 800 Ram and added 2 2GB sticks of DDR2 800 Ram and the boot time as well as some programs seem to load slower. I have a 512mb video card and I think XP is using another .3 gb of ram because CPU-Z is showing 3.2, which was around what I expected it to show. Would putting in the Old ram help, or am I just being paranoid. Thanks and let me know if you need a DXDIAG.
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  1. In general the more the memory per module, the more is the latency of the ram, but this will not make the system very much slow, indeed a 0.5 % slow for the programs which can also run in the previous memory configuration very fine and will be much faster for the programs which need a lot of memory which was inadequate for the previous memory configuration

    I think the problem with your system is the Operating System, Windows Xp 32 bit. Windows Xp 32 bit has a problem in handling 4Gb of memory

    try to shift to a 64 bit Operating System or remove a 2 GB stick and replace with a 1 GB previous stick so that, you have a 3GB of memory
  2. if your processor is a 64 bit, there is a chance to utilize the ram more
    try to use PAE(physical address extension)
    you may try to refer the links

    google for the thing
  3. Unless you have "Quick memory test" turned on in the BIOS or standard memory test turned OFF, boot times will be longer. But more memory should give you a more responsive system.

    You can always test the memory if you suspect a problem.
  4. Are you sure that CPU_Z is showing 3.2 Gb of ram?
    It should be exact how much you have installed ! The POST and the Task Manager must show 3.2...
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