My PC is taunting me with smileys after I "corrupted" the boot sector

Best side-effect of a disk read error I've seen so far.

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  1. Its nice to see some optimism with a hardware failure :)
  2. It was an easy fix. I forgot that installing XP in a dual-boot config after Vista would cause problems because boot.ini isn't compatible with Vista. A simple fix: just run the Vista setup and restore the MBR so that it loads the Vista Boot Manager instead. Of course, XP never finished the setup after the first reboot, so it's a borked installation and I just ended up with wasted time.
  3. wasting time with OS instalations is a hobby of mine lately.
  4. I only want XP so I can run some old 16-bit apps and Sega Genesis ports, it's not any use for anything else :lol:
  5. Lol reminds me of one time with old pentium 166 it froze up and started playing jingle bells thru the case speaker. I was like wtf? It was like may i believe not july or december nothing.
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