What are SSD for, and why do they cost so much? Also is it a good idea to have a separate drive that just has my os on it and then have a bigger drive for the rest of my things?
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  1. reason for SSD cost is they are new, modern technology, and the want money..

    yes, its good to have separate drive for OS , bcz virus & other stuff first try to corrupt system drive,,, so your data will be more safe when you have it on other HDD..
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    SSD's are solid state discs. Instead of using magnetic media like tape drives or digital information on a disc that spins, the data is saved on flash memory. The pro's are no moving parts and no need to search a spiinning disc to find data.

    They should last longer than conventional drives since there are no moving parts. Also SSD's are more resistant to drops and falls as there are no parts to throw out of alignment.
    In addition, SSD's are faster than traditional hard drives, so there is a performance difference.
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