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i am building a gameing system in a couple of weeks and was planning on going with an e8500 cpu, now i an not sure. i understand current games are not using quad core, which is why i chose the e8500, then i read that fsx would run better with quad core, now im confused. thats not the only game i play, i play alot of 1st person shooter. would i be able to play fsx smoothly on high settings with the duel core? if not would 1st person shooter games play smoothly with a quad core? hate to spend the xtra $ on a quad core if i dont need it. heres a list of everything else i have in mind so far hopefully this helps in answering my ? also reusing a 22 '' westinghouse moniter
also should i go with vista home premium 64bit instead of ultimate and save $80.00

GIGABYTE GA-X48-DS4 LGA 775 Intel X48 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail http://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod [...] 813128336.
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  1. you are going to see more and more games that use multiple cores better.
  2. any suggestons on a quad, if i can save $80.00 on ops i can put towards cpu
  3. You should get home premium yes, as a start.

    Then there's another thing. Your GPU selection is great for 22" monitor, but you picked a motherboard that is more expensive because it supports crossfire properly. But if you don't plan to add a second GPU in the future, then you should use a P45 chipset motherboard instead of X48, such as the Asus P5Q Pro, it has no difference in single GPUs. On the other hand, if you do plan to use a second GPU in the future for crossfire, then you should consider upgrading your PSU to the 750W from Corsair, so you have enough power for two GPUs so you don't have to replace your current PSU when you buy the second card. Although I can't think of any games that wouldn't play great with maxed out settings using a single HD4870 right now at your resolution.

    My choice would be to replace the motherboard with the (much cheaper) Asus P5Q Pro, stick to one GPU, use a 550W Power Supply (Antec and Corsair PSUs are the same, they are all made by Seasonic, and Antec is usually cheaper, also PC Power & Cooling makes equally great PSUs), use Vista home premium instead and use some of the money saved to upgrade to a Q9550, and you will probably even have money left.
  4. are there any benefits to cross fire 'ie' a noticable difference in gaming
  5. put any left over cash toward a 1 gig version of the 4870. If 512 is enough for ya, save even more and get a 4850 instead.

    As far I understand it. the only thing the average user would get out of ultimate vs. premium is moving backgrounds. correct me if I'm wrong here.

    ps, save another $10 by doing a combo deal with the OS
  6. you probably wont get enough out of crossfire at 22" to make it worth while. most people suggest crossfire/SLI above 22"
  7. Crossfire and SLI do not scale very well, so adding a second GPU will not give you double performance, mostly around 30% more, although it does cost twice as much (and even more considering you need a more expensive motherboard and a more powerful PSU for it).

    If you think you might upgrade to a 24" monitor in the future (1920x1200 resolution) then Crossfire might give you some worthwhile benefits, otherwise if you stick to your current 22" (1680x1050 resolution) then you will be well above 50 fps even in the most demanding games and too much fps to notice a difference in all other ones.
  8. is the asus p5q pro a quality motherboard i havent read any reviews so i dont know, also is it a good board to upgrade for the future?
  9. thanks for the advice, you guys are really helping out this is my 1st build
  10. It's pretty much the best motherboard for single GPU configurations.
    Just as your X48 choice, it will be perfect as long as GPUs are PCIe 2.0 (for a long time) and you use a socket 775 CPU (anything except the new i7) and DDR2 RAM (which, again will be the best choice until forced into DDR3 for i7). They are compatible with the same exact hardware, except X48 supports Crossfire x16 while the P5Q Pro supports Crossfire x8.
  11. icyicy,, i will be staying with 22'' moniter, do you suggest duel or quad cpu?
  12. Depends on how much you want to spend.
    I'd say either an E8500 (dual) or Q9550 (quad), the quad is better but is also more expensive.
    There is also the Q6600 at the same price as the E8500 and it performs almost the same, but the E8500 will be better for games.
  13. so the e8500 should run fsx on high settings smoothly, the game calls for 3.16ghz cpu as the best for the game and i will probably try to overclock when i get more comfortable this computer stuff
  14. well also consider an e8400 and oc it. But I would get a cheap dual core an oc it and then later get a quad once i7 comes out because prices I assume will fall dramtically around christmas. But if you wait get the quad.
  15. FSX is well suited for multicore CPUs, if this game is one of your main ones.. seriously consider purchasing a quadcore.
  16. I think you should worry more about spelling than cores and computer games.
  17. maybe he wants it optimised for fighting games.
  18. Regardless of if a quad core will improve performance over a dual core in games; spending the cash difference towards the gpu instead will always give you better performance gain(this could change in the future). Correct me if I'm wrong. However, due to the fact that you're only going to be playing at 1280x1024, go with the quad core. With the release of the i7 recently, s775 cpus will cease to be produced(so if you want an upgrade you'll have to get a new mobo cpu and ram). The i7 is also going to push the market towards multi-core utilizing programs(and games) so investing in a quad core now will pay off in the future.
  19. Same price CPUs tend to perform around the same, yes.
    So an E8xxx performs around the same as the Q6600 on stock, and the quad tends to gain more advantage of overclocking, but they are still around the same with no noticeable difference.
    The thing is, if you need an even better CPU, that's as far as duals go, so you are looking for a quad after that. The E8600 hardly counts since it offers next to no performance increase other than a larger multiplier for overclocking.
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