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How to recover my file and folder in formeted system,it's very important to recovery my office file which i have deleted pls give me solution.
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  1. get it (select deep scan for format recovery)
  2. Only if the free block is not overwritten in the mean time; so do not write/alter/modify anything on the volume you are trying to perform recovery on.

    And please, consider using a backup solution.
  3. If you are using lower Windows OS, you can use the command "unformat" to unformat the files you have deleted. But I suppose the ones who are using these system can be counted. So you may turn to the next one.
    If you are using some higher Window platforms, the best way is to try some format recovery tool for help.
    One more tip: before your formatted files are recovered, better not save more files to the disk in case rewrite the original data.
    Still can't help, I am afraid the only way is to send your drive for special data recovery service.
  4. a good and professional data recovery software do work to get back formatted data that you forgot to back up.A thing you should pay attention to is that not to overwrite the disk to be recovered by new content.
  5. EASEUS Data Recovery Wizzard, if you didnt do anything after the format its 100% recoverable. Unless you did a full format in witch case you should stop doing that, ever, unless you host really really important files.
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