OC, asus m4a785 td -v evo+athlon II x3 435 (phenom x4 b35 currently)+corsair ddr

I would like to check how far I can go with OC on my setup. I run win xp 32/sp3.
I managed to unlock 4th core, but I am interested how to UNLEASH my cpu now (OC it:).
I am a bit on n00b, so plese be gentle, I need rather step by step information.

thanks in advance
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  1. go over to your bios, set your cpu overclocking to manual. set the front side bus to something small like +5-10%. make sure you manually set your ram timings and then you should be overclocked. well its not that easy, let the computer work with prime95 and see what's up and if that fails then you need to set your nb overvoltage to manual and crank it up a little, do the same for your cpu overvoltage and run prime95 until the computer doesnt crash but just has rounding errors then you just need to make tiny tweaks. make sure you monitor your tems throughout the process and if it goes over 45-50C you might want to get a new cpu cooler.
  2. if you can get it stable then go ahead and crank up the fsb and voltages and push it till you reach a vcore of about 1.45-1.5V beyond that you need watercooling.
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