38mm fan for Venomous X?

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If this has been answered before, then I am sorry, but I have looked for a thread and haven't been able to find one.

I am a noob, and I need to know some good 38mm fans to put on a venomous X I want to get. I am overclocking to 4 ghz, so I would like to set up a push/pull config. Any idea which fans would sit nicely on aforementioned heatsink? San Ace H101 seem to be very popular, but I can't seem to get hold of them. They seem to manufacture about three fans a year.

Are there any other 38mm fans which I could order within the UK and which have a good reputation? Does it really matter? Do all 38mm fans offer the same kind of thing? Do thermalright do 38mm fans which are very good for the VX?

Appreciate your help and patience
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  1. Hi - I have a VenomousX in my newest rig, and it's working very well. I do have a question, though - It's designed to accept 120mm fans. These fit very nicely into a shallow notch in the cooling fins. So I'm curious where you got 38mm, as those are quite small. <laugh> We'll presume you mean the standard 120x38mm size :) In that case, this cooler uses standard wire clips to hold the fan of your choice in place.

    Most of this doesn't answer your "which fan should I use" question. But I'll blather on, regardless. In my case, I used a "high quality brand" of fan.. Also known as "The One In The Drawer When I Assembled The Computer" :D

    What you're going to want to look at when using this heat sink, though - It's BIG. My case (Lian Li PC-K60WB) is a little extra wide, since it has 140mm front and top fans, and this monster of a Heat Sink *just* fits inside. I have it mounted on an EVGA E758 motherboard - clearance to RAM and to the south bridge cooler is fine. However, this motherboard has an extra heat pipe and fin assembly that sticks up between the HSF and exhaust fan. So there isn't enough room for a second 120mm fan in the "pull" position. Only for one in "push". If that extra heat pipe weren't there, then fitting the second fan wouldn't be an issue. Short advice: You'll want to check on your clearances and make sure your case is deep enough.

    The installation is simple - The fan uses the standard wire clips, and I had some thin rubber to use between the fan and metal of the VenemousX to dampen noise. The HSF itself has a separate mount, and is nearly tool less. Nice design, and goes on in a minute or two. Though I did note that increasing pressure using the central nut (under the fins) does allow the heat sink assembly to move about slightly under finger pressure. Shouldn't matter since contact is always maintained, but it felt a little odd because I'm used to a more rigid setup.

    Temperatures in my unheated (and therefore way colder than any sane human would want) basement office with a single fan on this HSF are high 20c~ish at idle, and middle~high 40's while stress testing. Core i7 proccy. I haven't yet overclocked, as I'm having the grey screen issue with my ATI 5870 GPU, and I'm retentive enough that I want to be sure the whole system is stable before I start screwing with it.

    So we can be sure we're discussing the same thing:
  2. I put a Scythe Ultra-Kaze 120mmx38mm in the top of my case. It is quiet, and moves a lot of air. I would think you could get those in the UK.
  3. I appreciate your comments. Indeed, I meant 120X38mm, since just a 38mm fan would be rather redundant. scotteq, you say that " this cooler uses standard wire clips to hold the fan of your choice in place". Forgive my silliness, but does this mean that these clips can fit the 120X38mm fans I want to put on it, or just the standard 120X25mm? Thanks for the clarification.
  4. Heh - 120x25 :) So you may need to find the larger clips. :)
  5. Many years ago I used to install the Panasonic Panaflo 120x120x38mm fans in system builds. Another veteran poster used the Delta 38mm fans. They moved quite a bit of air and they were noisy. Back then noise was not an issue.

    I just happen to have the Venomous X in my new system. The mounting clips are designed for 120x120x25mm fans. I seriously doubt they can accomodate the 38mm fans. I don't know of any mounting clips for the 38's.

    Fan design has come a long way. There are 120x120x25mm fans that are just as good. I now use the Scythe S-Flex series fans. 1600 rpm fans are the current sweet spot for the tall tower style cpu heatsinks.
  6. Thanks for that Johnny

    I was looking at a pair of gentle typhoons at 1600 or 1850 rpm. Seem very nice and quiet. Obviously San Ace would be great, but I don't want to wait around for seventeen years to be able to get hold of one.

    In any case, I have decided against ordering the Venomous X, simply because I read that there have been complications with other people who use it and the rampage ii extreme mobo (the one i use as ill luck would have it). Problems with the board shorting out - part of the sink coming into contact with the metal of the board. I thought instead I'll get a megahalem, which seems to be a little less effective at cooling, but still good at what it does.

  7. Bummer about the Venomous X and the Asus Rampage motherboard. Compatibility issues are a royal pain.
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