RAID 0 with Samsung F3, for gaming

I am thinking of purchasing two of these hard drives, either the 1Tb or the 500Gb. The 500Gb has 16mb Dram compared to the 1Tbs 32 Mb dram. Will this affect my gaming in starcraft2 or any kind of boot times?

I also have a question when RAID 0 is configured will the 2 drives become 1 and increase for example from 500gb to about 1 Tb if I were to use 2 500gb drives.

I currently have a 500 GB Samsung drive and I am thinking should I configure this and 2 more 500Gb drives in raid 0?

Will they be compatible and will the difference in models affect anything?

Thank u, and best regards

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  1. It is best to keep disks as similar as possible in the same array; so do not swap 7200/5400rpm disks etc. Any performance variance between the disks may decrease actual performance of the RAID array.

    Also 2 x 500GB in RAID0 will get you 1000GB.

    Do you have a good backup, do you have a recovery plan in case you boot up one day with the RAID array failed?
  2. I dont need a backup plan, I only have vista and a few games and i store my documents in USB. I am going to get 2x samsung f3 500 Gb and I have a F1 version atm, it is good to use 2xf3s and 1 f1
  3. Sure you can use them; i wouldn't let the F1 disk be part of the RAID0 array however. But you can have 2x RAID0 with the new F3 samsungs and a separate F1 disk.

    Select a high stripesize when possible (>= 128KiB).
  4. u mean RAID 0+1? and how do I do the partition of the hard drives then?

    I just need speed not 1500 Gb.
  5. "But you can have 2x RAID0 with the new F3 samsungs and a separate F1 disk. "

    That is not RAID0+1. That is RAID0 and a separate Samsung F1 disk.

    Partitioning is something you do when you install windows. You may need RAID drivers before being able to do this. Also, do not use Windows XP; only Vista and Windows 7. XP will not profit much from RAID at all, due to the way it creates partitions. Windows 7 and Vista are fine, however.
  6. ok ill just leave my F1 out then :D
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