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I added a seagate 500 gb internal hard drive to my Dell Dimension 8400. I did this after having the low warning disk space on drive c continually. In my thinking, I just thought the second hard drive would take over when the first hard drive ran out of space. I see my hard drive in BIOS and in disk management. I partitioned and formatted. So that leaves me with my question. I want to be able to use the new hard drive basically like my old hard drive worked. Just to use my computer without the low disk drive warning. My new drive has been assigned letter F. What is my best way of achieving this? Do I need to copy everything from my old hard drive to the new hard drive and swap them in the tower? I am not a computer expert by no means but I think I can take direction from all you experts and get my computer running again with a lot of disk space. Thanks everyone, in advance for your time!!

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  1. Think of the new "F:" drive like a second filing cabinet in your office. When first filing cabinet is full, you start using the second one. You need some way to decide which files go into which filing cabinet. You could do it alphabetically by subject name if that's how you file things. You could to it chronologically by date if that's how you file things, or you could do it by subject type ("Purchases" vs. "Sales").

    The same sort of thing applies to your disks. You could choose some category of files, say "Music" or "Photos" (or both!) and move those folders over to the new disk.
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