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i am trying to oc my amd 945 to around 3.8 am using 2 x 4 gig gskill ripjaws ram, zalman 9900 heatsink, asus m4a77td for a mobo, a antec 900 case and i gig gts 250 vpu. my problem is that it is not stable much past 3.4. my mobo wont let me overvoltage at all (dont know why) and am not sure if it is a memory issue or bios setting issue. have read "sauces" article and did all that no luck to get the max. thank you in advance
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    I think that is your mobo. Update your BIOS to the last version and try again.
  2. thank you i did update and although i havent been able to bump my voltage i was able to reach 3.6 so far will try for 3.8 as the week goes on any tips? heat is not an issue
  3. downclock your northbridge, hyper transport, and memory as they will also become overclocked and may become the point of instability in your system. Once you reach your desired clock speed than try increasing these one at a time.
  4. Ok here is where i let my noobness show :) my FSB is at 240 memory is downclocked to 1280mhz at 7-7-7-20 it is 1333 ddr3 ripjaws(2x2) i have "cpu/nb" adjustable 960-2400, "ht linkspeed" ad. 240-2400, "ht link width" 4,8,16 bit. everything but my FSB and memory is set to auto. dont know what the "link width" is for and not sure of a good starting point for NB, HT. was stable for prob around six hours then BLUE SCREEN
  5. ok im gathering from other posts that my link speed should be set around 800-1000? not sure where the nb should be set at...
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