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I have the Gateway LX6810-01 model. I started having problems at first with the computer automatically shutting down while in windows doing some work. Then it progressed worse to where it would hang on the windows vista grean loading bar. After reboot it asked the option to repair windows because win failed to load, tried that still same thing, hanging on the load bar. Then other option was start normally same thing. I tried to boot in safe mode, safe mode would not load either. I don't have vista disks so I was gonna reformat and install XP. It loads all drivers then at start of windows, I get the blue screen of death that says it shut it down because of windows failure could damage the machine. So I try a new hard drive, blank from factory and I get the same blue screen. Bios reconizes the new drive and loads all drivers but stops trying to load windows. Does this model store error codes that i need to reset by pulling the system battery or what? Any suggestions?
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  1. I think I would check the memory -- if there are two pieces, try removing one then the other replacing the first, trying to boot each time.
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