Help needed Building a i7 920 PC for 3D apps... OC...


I'm in need for help choosing the right parts for a pc I'm building...
I need it for 3D apps: Maya, 3Dmax, Zbrush... Video Editing: AfterEffects, Photoshop... NOT SO MUCH FOR GAMING.. (Though it wouldn't hurt having support for that too!). I'm a 3D animation student, no full pro work machine needed.
I want to overclock it (i7 920) from stock to around 3.8-4ghz if possible.
I'm low on budget (going around the $1500-$2000)..

I have several items I picked at the meantime, but I need advise about how they fit together and if i'll be able to reach my
OC goal...
I read a lot and never found a specific answer.


Case: Antec 900
MainBoard: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R
CPU: Intel Core I7 920
GPU: Gainward gtx260
Mem: 2x3GB 1600Ghz (OCZ3g1600lv6gk or GB DDR3 1333 CL9 Kingston or ???)
PSU: HEC Cougar 700W 12 CM Ultra Quiet Fan Modular
Storage: WesternDigital TB SATAIII IntelliPower 64MB
Cooling System: CoolerMaster V8

I already purchased the CPU. Few things I wish to know:
- Is Ocing bad for full time Rendering (I'll be doing quite enough of this task to have a stable system)
- I heared 1600Ghz RAM on Gigabyte MB don't work quite well... specially when Ocing... how true is this? what's the ideal mem for me?
- Is the MainBoard I chose good for Ocing?
- Is The Cooler good enough to reach the 4Ghz OC?

Plz help me... I have to get this computer up and running within a week!!

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  1. Also-
    - Is 700W enough to keep my system stable with OC?

    PLZ... I gotta find a solution fast...
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