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What are some ideal ways to get the highest results from PCMark? I ran the first test with my AVG running in the background @ 3.8ghz and got 6739 and then I ran it again after a reboot and shut off all programs except powerISO @ 3.9ghz and got 7137. My scores don't seem too high for 3.9GHz and I am running the PCsuite only. Could it be my ram? I'm running Mushkin DDR3 1066. Thanks
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  1. What other components do you have? GPU, HD and mobo
  2. 770TA-UD3
    AMD 955 @ 3.9GHz
    2x2GB Mushkin DDR3 1066
    Primary HDD 640GB 7200RPM and 1TB Secondary 7200RPM (Forgot the caches on these)
    ATI Radeon HD 4890 OC Gigabyte 1GB GDDR5

    I'm only running the PCsuite test.
  3. Yeah, but the one section talks about what to do to ensure you are running your system at it's fullest potential (turning off virus scans, etc). That was my main reason for giving the link.
  4. Yep, Mostly everything is turned off.
  5. Which - suite of PCmark testing are you running 06 or Vantage ?? - if running Vantage you need to realize your CPU is going to score lower because you are using an ATI GPU !! (yes that is correct the VANTAGE score will change significantly on the CPU score due to not using an NVIDIA based GPU that has Physx support !)

    The CPU tests that should be testing the CPU only actually use the GPU rendered Physics processing to skew the results of the test - so systems with an ATI video card will score much lower CPU and overall tests than the same CPU using an Nvidia card even if that GPU is in reality weaker !
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