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We've recently had to migrate from the Dell 1950 to the Dell R610 since Dell isn't making/selling the 19xx series any longer. The operating system we use is Windows XP Embedded, and to get a solid build it's necessary to have a Windows XP install on the hardware you're targeting. However, I cannot get the Windows XP install disc to recognize the hard drives on the R610 (which uses PERC 6/i integrated).

Things I've tried:
+ PERC5/6 driver disk we used to get Windows XP on the 1950's.
+ Multi-device PERC driver from dell for servers (percsas rather than megasas)
+ LSI driver for MegaRAID 8048 (despite saying it's for XP on the website it shows up as a Vista driver on the F6 select screen)
+ The actual controller cards on the 1950 and R610 appear to be identical - I swapped them, but it didn't affect anything.
+ Install Server 2003, scan that configuration and then manually re-write the inf files for the XP versions - this blue-screened the XP Embedded install (although it did get to the loading Windows screen!).
+ Formatted the hard disk (came completely un-formatted)
+ Installed XP on the drive from a 1950 and swapped the HD into the R610 (obviously didn't work)

If I can get the XP installation disc to recognize the drive, I'm good to go from there but I have been unable to locate a driver that works. Dell doesn't support XP on the R610, so they don't have a driver for download and LSI's latest driver comes up as Vista despite being from their Windows XP link - does anyone know of a driver that will work to get XP running on an R610?
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  1. Hello,

    Have you tried Server 2003 x86 Drivers?

    It might be that you are trying to use x64 drivers instead of x86 drivers.

  2. If you found a solution to this I'd love to know it. Having the exact same problem with the Dell R710 as well. I'm trying to get XP x64 version installed but XP won't install without the driver.

    I've tried every driver from the Windows Server 2003 x64 page that Dell offers. Nothing works.
  3. I used the driver mentioned above (after 5 hrs of trying what DELL and Microsoft suggested) with a new PE T310. However I also started with the DELL USC - SELECT PLATFORM UPDATE WIZARD and the and the SYSTEM MANAGEMENT and TOOLS disk (so you don't need to get the update from the FTP server. If you have this, you can choose Server 2003, it will tell you that your source disk does not match the selection, but it will also let you proceed. Have the above listed driver on a flash drive, so when it asks for it you have it ready. One thing that was very annoying was that I had to point it directly to the driver - nodev,inf, not the directory and not the oemsetup.ini file.
    If you have an older version of the SYSTEM MANAGEMENT and TOOLS disk, I found one afterwards, you could select Windows 2000 server, and it will go a lot smoother.
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