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Hello :)
I wanna try to overclock my E8400 to 3.6 Ghz and I wanna try it with easy tune, the only problem is that easy tune 6 dousnt support my ga-ep35-ds3l motherboard, so witch version of it should I use?
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  1. DO NOT USE EASY TUNE. It is cr@p and will most likely BSOD on you.
    Here's my guide:
  2. Thanks :) But your sweet guide is just to much for me. I have only heard good stories about easy tune though
  3. ^ Well good luck then. Most of us here tend to be weary of OS based OCing utilities for CPUs cause they are quite unstable.
  4. Do not use easy tune i had the same motherboard its really easy to do in bios all you have to do is raise the FSB and maybe push your voltage up a tad. 3.6ghz is not a high overclock at all and should be able to make it there with a little over stock voltage. My E8200 which runs a couple hundred mhz less at stock reaches 3.6ghz easy with a voltage of around 1.25.
  5. I agree with Shadow for the following reason: Avoid overclocking utilities from within Windows because: You may apply settings that seem to be stable but they are not. Meanwhile you are using your PC normally... in the background the OS is going crazy corrupting files and in a matter of minutes or seconds you get the blue screen! You think oh, i will just reboot... bang, files corrupted, etc etc... no boot.

    Overclocking through the BIOS is much safer for the reason that if an overclock is not well tolerated, the PC will simply refuse to switch on, or if it does, it will probably crash during Windows loading with a much smaller chance of corrupting vital files.

    Keep in mind to always do a backup before overclocking if you have files that you need.
  6. Thanks for the reply´s :) I was just looking for a easy fix but since you all agree on overclocking in the Bios I´m just simply gonna do that. I´m just gonna bring a friend of mine over here to do it :)
  7. Whether from tutorials like Shadow's, or hanging on everything your friend does, you ought to learn it, at least so you know how to set it up again if you ever have to reset your BIOS (e.g. after a battery change).
  8. Ahaha your trying to make a nerd out of me :) no way lad. I already called a friend of mine and he´s coming over :)
  9. No. We are trying to teach you to do for yourself. What happens when you build a computer in the future and you do not have a techie friend around.
  10. nemet05 said:
    Ahaha your trying to make a nerd out of me :) no way lad. I already called a friend of mine and he´s coming over :)

    Nerd? We just trying to tell you how to do it the rite way thats all.
  11. Or you are the techie friend that someone else calls.

    We don't operate on payback here. We operate on pay it forward. :)
  12. Ok so I just did the overclocking, it´s @ 3.6 Ghz now :) it seems to be stable. Is there are any good program to really test it´s stability? and how to use it
    And thanks for all the help peeps :)
  13. I set the bios to default again, my computer crashed running Crysis Warhead maxed out on my Ati 5850 card with overclocking at 3.6.
    What I did was to follow this guide over here,2.html Anyways......

    Now I tried to OC to 3.51 but its not balanced :( This is a pic of my Bios. Feel free to take a look

    What em I doing wrong?
  14. ^ You gotta increase your CPU voltage. Also, make sure your RAM is set at the correct voltage. Also, increase CPU speed little by little (~100Mhz), not a lot at a time. Also, what are your temps at stock?
  15. My temps are 40C on the Cpu. How many volts should I put in it running on the Bios in the pic?
  16. Try getting it to 1.2v.
  17. Ok, thanks for the reply shadow.

    I´m a complete noob when it comes to OC.
    I did some adjustments when I noticed I could get more options in the Bios by pressing Ctrl F1
    I just did a short test in OCCT 3.1 for 20 min and never got an error, thats positive :)
    So take a look at my Bios and please help me finish this :)
  18. Intel's max recommended CPU voltage for the E8400 is 1.3625 volts. So you have a lot of room to increase it - assuming that you are not using the stock cooler. Whichever cooler you are using, keep your load temps under 70 C.

    Your memory clock is good. What you can do is to change the memory timing to something like 5-5-5-15 and increase the memory voltage to no more than 2.2 volts and continue to increase the FSB until the system is no longer stable.

    Prime95 small fft's is good for testing CPU stability. Large fft's and the blend tests are good for testing memory.
  19. Thanks for the reply JSC :)
    I already solved my problem. The thing with the E8400 is that you dont have to change anything when you are not going above 3.6 Ghz but the Freq of the PCI-E, the Cpu host freq and the system memory Multi.

    Set the Cpu host frec to 389 or 390 :) to get 3.5 Ghz and the PCI-E freq to 100 Mhz, System memory Multi to 2.00
    and thats it!
    No need for a cooler, I tested this setting in both P95 and OCCT and no errors after 10 hours of scanning, The Cpu never went over 63 C°.

    It´s possible to get to 3.6 Ghz without a cooler or a extra fan but thats a bit risky thats why I went for the 3.5 Ghz.

    I did this all by myself and MAN I´m so proud of myself! :)
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