garphics compatibility Intel Celeron 356 MOB DIXONSMP P4M800P7MB

Dear Forum

Please help with the upgrade of a graphics card.

I have GeForce Go 7600 and wanted to upgrade. Motherboard is DIXONSXP Model P4M800P7MB Chipset 800 Pro/P4M800 CE/VN800/
BIOS is Phoenix Technologies Ltd version 6.00 09/02/2006

I have checked, and nvidia but no idea.
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  1. Is this your motherboard?

    Foxconn P4M800P7MB (Different brand, same chipset I think)

    If so, it appears you have an 8x AGP video card slot. So you'll be relegated to old-school technology for your video card. If I recall correctly, the fastest AGP video card made anymore (they've been phased out) is the ATI 3850? Make sure you get the AGP version, cause most of those cards were made PCI-E.

    Also keep in mind, with your older Celeron processor, you may not realize the full potential of the ATI 3850 AGP card. It may be time for a system upgrade if you can afford to do so.
  2. Here's a couple options for you if you wanted a new video card.

    Powercolor AG3850 ($119)

    HIS HD 3850 AGP ($134.99 after rebate)
  3. Thank you for the idea and the quick reply.
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