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I want to overclock, but all the reading I've done makes it look like a bad idea. I still want to, though, just because. That's a child's reason, "just because", so I want you to give me some better ones.

From where I sit, it looks like a big pain in the neck for very little benefit. I don't do anything particularly CPU-intensive, I don't think, and my quad-core AMD 9950 BE at 2.6 GHz has laughed at everything I've thrown at it, up to and including Crysis (my GTX 280 ain't laughing, though, I can tell you--more like whimpering). My MSI K9N2 Diamond mobo comes with a BIOS that's set up for overclocking and the Black Edition chip can do it, too. I planned it that way when I built the rig, not knowing that I'd chicken out the way I have.

I monkeyed with it a little. The BIOS has a handy-dandy push-button overclock thingie that's supposed to do it automatically. The different percentages of overclock have names taken from ranks in the US Army, Private at 1% up to Commander at 15%. It made my machine not work when I tried it. It seems to me that 2.6 billion of anything is insanely high already, and stability is more important than bragging rights. Talk me out of that viewpoint, if you can.
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  1. 1) You will void your warranty. That is good because it takes AMD off the hook for warranty repairs and increases their profits so they can develop faster cpu's
    2) Your cpu will run hotter. That is good because you can warm up your house without increasing your fuel bills.
    3) You will need to spend a bit on a better cpu cooler, and ram. That is good because it keeps those vendors in business.
    4) Your cpu will run faster. That is good because you will get an extra FPS or two.
    5) You have the itch; when you scratch it, you will feel better.
  2. LOL, sounds like awesome reasons to me geofelt

    in all honesty its more a fact of making yourself proud of your accomplishment than anything, at the same time all of the things geofelt said were true esspecially the amd building faster processors would be nice, ive been waiting for that.

    make sure you have a tempurature monitoring program and do not let your CPU idle over 50C (50C is even pretty high for idle) on load it is best not to have the CPU over 70C
  3. Grow a pair and just do it nothing like the satisfaction of making you computer run 50% better for the price of a CPU cooler. Ok 50% is alot but 25 to 40% is easy numbers to achieve with the right know how and components.
  4. Think of it this way: Ever had a computer that ran pretty slow because of new games? Now you can make it faster...FOR FREE!

    I've personally never tried overclocking, not that I don't want to, but Dell restricts that option in the BIOS. Plus its great when you have a day or two to spare ;)
  5. Find out what AMD's maximum recommended voltage and temperatures are. Stay under them and you will not significantly affect the life of the CPU.
  6. Overclock because you want more CPU power for free. Besides, if you send in your CPU for a warranty repair you don't have to tell AMD that you overclocked it ^_^. Now keep in mind that the 9950 BE isn't a great overclocker. You're going to have a hard time just getting it to 3.0Ghz and it probably won't go too far past that. Even so, it will run faster, it will make Crysis run a little smoother, and it shouldn't affect the life of your CPU too drastically if you do it right and don't push it too hard.
  7. OK, OK--good job. Now, have you ever seen MSI's manual for my mobo? It's a phantasmagoria of Chinglish gibberish. For example, "We suggest user to make sure that your CPU can afford to overclocking regularly first." My point is, please cut me some slack if it looks like I haven't done enough research. That and the fact that maybe 10 percent of the information on the internet is any good.

    I went ahead and tried it. I went into BIOS, bumped the multiplier from "AUTO" to 14X (2800), F10ed out and rode into Windows. CPUZ reports a multiplier of 13X and a frequency of 2600, what I had before I "overclocked". What am I doing wrong?
  8. I'm going to start a new thread for help with this. Thanks for the kick in the pants.
  9. your multiplier probably doesnt go higher than 13, because it is probably locked are you sure it is a black edition? you will have to raise the FSB frequency if it is not a BE, and also raise the bclk as well. watch your temps.
  10. I started a thread on the AMD sub-section called "AMD 9950BE fails to overclock".
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