Radeon 3870 Crossfire issues

Need some help here before I lose my mind...

I recently moved and prior to the move my PC was working fine with all my games...now when I set it back up in my new place, I noticed a couple of my games have some serious graphical problems. First, when I start up GRID, right after the opening movie is over or if I just skip the movie, the following screen which I think is the main menu of the game is severely corrupted. Secondly, when I fire up Fallout 3, when I load my saved game, there are a lot of textures that are missing. I can still play the game but it just drags on, the frame rate is also drastically reduced. Let me reiterate that prior to me moving, I was able to play both of these games without flaws. I can still play Crysis without any problems and a few other games. My system setup is as follows:

CPU - AMD 6400+ 3.2Ghz X2 Black Edition
Memory - 4GB Mushkin PC-6400
Video Card - (2) Radeon 3870's in crossfire
PSU - 600W (don't remember the brand)
HDD - (3) 160GB
OS - Windows VISTA Ultimate 64-bit

Please someone give me some advice before I drop $300 on a 4870!
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  1. Looks like your PC could have been damaged in the move. Take out both your graphics cards and inspect your motherboard for cracks. If you have cracks in your PCI-E slots then getting a 4870 will just be a waste of money because it will give you the same problem. Then test one GPU in the system at a time. If they both work AND they work in BOTH SLOTS, then try them again in crossfire. Make sure they are properly seated and that your crossfire connector is properly connected.
  2. Yeah, it is easy for things to become dislodged or shaken loose during moving.
    Check all connections, reseat all your cards, GPU, memory, etc.
  3. grimmp said:
    Please someone give me some advice before I drop $300 on a 4870!
    I agree with the other posters in that it is likely something getting dislodged or the mobo, however a new 4870 does not cost $300 anymore.

    I was shocked to find out last night you can get one from sapphire with their new aftermarket cooling system for an amazing $189 after $10 rebate. (Weekend special).

  4. Thats good info, I appreciate it. I'm getting ready to take one of my cards out in hopes of figuring out if one of them is not working. I get windows errors all the time talking about my video device drivers or something like that. Thanks for all the help guys!
  5. Soooooooooooo I took both cards out and put one back in at a time and got the same result with both cards. I do have a question, since both my cards have 2 crossfire connections on them, do I have to put 2 bridges on or just one. I've had 2 on ever since I bought these things, just don't know if thats wrong or not.
  6. Did you try out each PCi-E slot with one card. The first slot could just be damaged.
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