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Hey yall, typing from an iphone from work so i apologize for the grammer.

But i just received a new 1tb from the mail and before work i quickly hooked it up before leaving to work. I then booted up the pc just to see if it would post. It did not show in the computer settings in my win7, but it does show in my bios.

Under bios it is listed as master, but the device has no pins which is default slave. Can i assume that the drive has to be set to slave under bios to show? I am just using this drive for files between two hds win7 and fedora 12, so i shouldnt have to format right?
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    It doesn't have any jumper pins because it's a SATA drive. These drives no longer require you to set the master/slave setting by the jumper and cable setting.

    Yes, you should format the drive. Since it's a backup drive, boot into the BIOS, and set it as the second drive in the hard drive priority. You will continue booting off your primary windows 7 hard drive. Once your inside windows, go to the disk management, format the drive, and allocate it.
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  3. Thanks it worked, I didn't have to set it as slave under bios. All I had to do was format and assign it under Disk Management.
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