Buy now or wait?

Sigh....after i had my whole system bought....i mean like literally everything...except for the grahpic card..then i heard the 55nm was coming about soon around JAN...

my specs
750i FTW
HAF 932
OCZ SLI edition 4gb 800hmz
....and other non important stuff

was planning on getting the GTX 280 and was thinking about SLI but i donno if i should wait...this makes me sad...

any suggestions?
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  1. tough call. the 55nm will more than likely result in a little cooler running and maybe better headroom on the overclock. I'm looking at the same thing as I am deciding if I want to replace my 8800GT
  2. BOO!!!!! lol imma deciding at the end of this week so i need like at least 10 people on one side. haha
  3. Buy it now. Weather it's six weeks or six month's, whatever you buy and whatever I buy will be obsolete by then. Buy it and don't look back. It should handle most everything for the next 2 years unless they come out with more "Crysis" games..... but I doubt they will all be that demanding......... they might look as nice or nicer but if they take the time and code them right we end users won't have to cope with it. BUYBUYBUYBUYBUY!!!!!
  4. dats 1 :)
  5. what graphics card do you currently have?
  6. dont have any. i got my build almost complete except the card
  7. Buy now! You can always buy and buy again later.
  8. keep them posts coming! *dont say what other people are saying...say what u personally would do.
  9. buy now. otherwise you wait, then here about another upcoming release. If you are concerned about the possible release of 55nm boards in the next month and are definite on sticking with an nvidia board, look for an evga board as you can always take advantage of their upgrade policy. It's a sweet deal if you think you might want to swap it out in a month or so.
  10. If you buy now, the card will be cheaper soon.

    If you wait, you'll have reason to keep waiting later.

    That's just how it works. I bought my 8800 GTS 512MB with a $50 MIR rebate. That was almost 6 months ago. It's still the same price today (the after MIR rebate price)
  11. I'd buy it now. Unless you're planning to overclock it a lot.
  12. no overclock
  13. I am waiting for the 40nm and DirectX 11 from ATI.

    You could have get 40nm and DX 11 by next year. ATI will release DX 11 about 6 months before NVIDIA so maybe we will see Radeon HD 5800 series by Q1/Q2 2009.

    I've been waiting for almost 1 year and I am still building a rig but this DirectX 11 is what kept me on waiting and delaying my build. DirectX 10.1 will become obsolete soon in 2009 and game developers will jump directly to DX 11 features and we will see DX 11 games by Q3 2009. However, I think that DX 11 GPU will come out before Windows 7 + DX 11 API. Check the future roadmap of ATI and NVIDIA...
  14. Also, ATI said that GPU Physics is DEAD until DirectX 11 GPU is release in 2009...
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