Setting up a raid 0 with a partition for OS?

Ok im buying a laptop for gaming and want to use 2 ssd or hdd but want to know if I can partition my OS on one of them and have the rest of the space for games and what ever. I also want to know if this will slow down my gaming. Really what im thinking is 4 partition 1: for my windows O.S 2: For music, movies, Pics, ect 3: for games only. Ill want it setup (1) on one drive (2) on the other drive and (3) in raid 0 for my games so theyll run faster will this work?
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  1. Partitioning your drive like that probably won't speed things up. The one thing I have heard that can help, for very large drives, is setting up a smaller partition for your OS - 1st partition will have the fastest transfer rates, and by keeping the drive heads in nearby tracks, you help out the access times. This is called short-stroking, but its impact is lessened if you make a bunch of partitions all over your HD.

    The SSD doesn't have moving parts so partitions won't affect access time the same way - you're not worried about head movement.
  2. Do not use multiple partitions on SSDs; and only use SSDs with Vista or Win7; not Windows XP.

    Using just one partition means all free space is shared; which is what you want with the few space you have. To separate files you use directories; partitions have a different role.
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