BFG 6800 GT OC vs. Ati x1650 Pro AGP

Question, my father in law needs a new AGP video card for his system, he is not a big gamer but would like to run something faster then what he currently has, a Geforce 2 MX 200 64Mb AGP. Now he still would like to play the need for speed series without changing everything, the issue is getting an AGP card that is decent, My choices of course are between the BFG 6800GT OC or the Ati 1650pro, I have both myself with the Ati as spare. My questions is which is better? NFS Undercover is a new game that runs fine on the 6800 GT OC, have no clue how it will run on the 1650pro and this will be a game he wants for Xmas. the games will be run at 1024*768*32 no AA/Trilinear filtering. So any thoughts? No way he is changing system, but if anyone has an alternative to either one of these cards in AGP format that a 450 watt PS can handle let me know. This will be his gift from me then for Xmas, so even if a new model AGP video card that is better I will consider. Thanks a million.
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  1. From Toms hierarchy chart the 6800 is two tiers faster than the 1650 anything faster at that res would probably be wasted
    BTW, which AGP slot is in your father in laws machine? There is 3 versions and although thay are `keyed` to prevent mismatches you might want to try and find out, It would be a pity to give him the 6800 only to find it does n`t fit.
  2. he has the p4s800d motherboard with a 2.8Ghz HT processor, says there is 4 CPU's total with I CPU installed. It has an AGP 3.0 interace, either one should work fine then.
  3. Yes, I`d say no problems with comatability. And I take it the CPU is a older Pentium `D` dual-core? (just curious).
  4. no it's socket 478, no dual cores for that gen, mine was a Pentium D 820 2.8Ghz socket 775...
  5. For what he wants to do, the 6800 will be a great card.
  6. hank you, thank you and thank you all again. I just like to get opinions prior to shopping, I am a Network Admin and have been building systems for 15+ years, including big gaming rigs, but I always like to see the other side of the fence. So now my father in law can be happy.
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