ok, so my desktop mobo is pullin so no post on me, so i pulled my HD out, its a barracuda 7200.10 250 GB, IDE, i have it in an external enclosure and can access it from my laptop..
now the question is, as i said i can access all my files and such from my laptop as it just shows up as a HD, buuutttttt i want to boot from this external drive on my laptop, its windows 7 ultimate 32 bit... and every time i try to boot from it, it gives me a 0x0000007B stop error, and i've scanned it for viruses...

any advice would really rule supremely, i am pretty decent with a pc i've just never had to do something like this, i actually installed my windows 7 from an external hd lol, but now i cant boot from it on my laptop... any ideas????
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  1. ericpol said:

    Great resource!
    So, looking at it, I would guess that the problem is missing or improper drivers.
  2. see i had thought about that, as ofcourse none of my drivers for my laptop are on that hard drive, but how exactly do i get them onto the hd?
  3. Why do you want to boot from an external hard drive?
  4. because i'd like to be able to boot into that install of windows so i can use the programs installed on it, that and do updates and such, like i said it's connected via usb to the laptop, which is sata and the internal drive i'm trying to boot from is pata, so i cant connect it directly, which blows. i was just wondering if its possible for me to do without reinstalling windows onto it or something, i've tried installing laptop drivers on it but i get mega confused doing it as i dont really know what drivers i need and some of them say that they can't install... i dunno it sucks haha
  5. When you install windows on a hard drive it also installs certain features, some small info stamps about the PC's hardware and configs. So i guess it won't work, unless you install windows from your laptop while the hard drive is connected to it's usb, and that way it will install the features of the laptop.
  6. you might also see if the windows setup sees the external hd as a viable hard drive location... you dont have to install it there but it would be nice to see it... oh and if you just want your data from drive to the other try Knoppix you can boot and operate an os from CD or DVD and work from there.
  7. He wants to use the copy of windows on the drive, with the programs and stuff already installed.
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