4870x2 and 4850. Will they jive?

In my new system build, I put in a Asus 4870x2 and it died on me a couple days ago. As my 'old parts' box is across the country, I ran out to Best Buy the next day and picked up a 4850 to tide me over until the RMA is complete.

I was thinking about grabbing another 4870x2 for crossfire, but I was wondering if anyone had experiences, or knowledge, about a 4870x2 and a 4850 in crossfire. Is that even possible? Performance gains? This versus 2 4870x2? Obviously, 2 of the big boys will be better than 1 and 1, but how large is the gap?

Again, I don't even know if they will work together, but... Thoughts?
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  1. You cant xfire a 4870x2 and a 4850. You can do 4870x2 and 4870.
  2. Get another 4850, SLI that, sell`em both when the RMA compleates, no other option makes any financial sense. Even given the huge power of your current rig, Crossfiring the 4870X2 makes little sense unless you`re playing over 19x12 res...Oh sh** from that spec you r`e using a 19X12 foot display;)
  3. And you will need a core i7 to unleash all the power of 4870X2 Crossfire.
    Not to mention you will need a very good PSU
  4. I stand corrected. According to the ATI site, it would be possible to crossfire a 4870X2 and a 4850 on your X58 rig, see here;

  5. It's possible, but I would think that you'd lose the benefit of the really fast memory on the 4870x2.
  6. I run my **** at 1980x1080, I have the i7 965, and I think Roadrunner is just hating on my CPU.

    Thanks for the heads up that xfire'ing the 2 will lose some memory. Ill pick up another 4870x2 for sshits and giiggles.

    I love my rig.

    4.4 for life.
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